Abel Danger Interview - 9/11 Truth, Serco, MH370, QAnon, Drone Tech, "White Hats" etc. - DTUBE Early Release

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DTUBE Film Summary

This is an interview with "Abel Danger" Field McConnell and David Hawkins. We discussed everything from the 9/11 attacks to the MH370 airplane hijacking. It seems the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot has been implement and used to carry out these and other attacks so my guests share their knowledge of this. They also discuss Serco, the biggest company you never heard of connected to 9/11 and much more. Many topics were covered in this interview.

There was even a discussion of how Field is actually a "white hat" and he believes there are other active white hats in the military and elsewhere restoring order. He believes Q Anon is a group of such individuals. He even believes arrests are currently underway as we recorded this interview.

This interview will ONLY be available to watch on Dtube for the first 24 hours after I publish it! Then I will release it elsewhere like YouTube. This is to drive traffic to dtube. Vote with your views for free speech!

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    Does this change your opinion on Q at all? I was not a believer in Q, I dismissed it for a long time. Lately, I have had a co-worker try to talk me into it and discuss how arrests are in the making. I just don’t know what to think one way or another. I would love for Q to be correct because we all want these sick bastards in prison being tried for treason, but I just have not yet seen the proof/results necessary to deem Q entirely credible.

    Thanks again for the good information!

    Supporting Trump and no word about Israel ?? that`s alway suspicous to me.


    We are saving Israel for last.
    Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.

    Remember on 911 when 5 members of the Israeli intelligence were arrested in New York after being caught celebrating the fall of the towers. The FBI found their van full of bombmaking residue... Later on Israeli television, they admitted "our purpose was to document the event"

    Perhaps you could also be interviewed by some steemit creators and share the video on your YouTube channel.

    please interview someone from the Steemit Poker League. They are doing an awesome job building a community here on Steemit

    please @titusfrost check my profile

    Very cool intro music .. good interview..very good informations but Im not okay with any military involvement...military "white hats" ?? people can talk a lot..you just can look at their eyes not through them...I dont know who they are and what their real intentions are...maybe Im to critical but my gut feeling has never let me down...we know that 911 was an inside job and that Israel wa involved... supporting Trump and no word about Israel ?? mhhhhhhh

    Great work!

    Thanks for the informative post @titusfrost. The psyops are coming with increasing frequency and thus I think they are losing their cred. Check out this blatant one from yesterday.


    In Latest US State Department Psy Op "Last Men In Aleppo" Terrorists Meet With Heather Nauert Who Expresses US Direct Support (Images and Video)

    It really sucks they took your channel on youtube do u have a back up channel?

    And they took down my channel too, http://Youtube.com/OJAWALL

    Cool if any of this happens, but at the moment, with all due respect to Mr McConnel, I call bullshit.

    Hawkins made a mistake when he said that Bruce Edwards Ivins was falsely accused by Mueller & Comey in the Anthrax case. It was actually a scientist named Steven Hatfill who was falsely accused & finally cleared (Ivins commited suicide). Hatfill was awarded $5M by the USG...
    Story: https://conservativetribune.com/mueller-comey-botched-anthrax/

    p.s. McConnel likes to hear himself talk... FWIW

    Please let us know when you figure out the identities of the 4 people who were arrested...

    Who is Q? Well, I like the rise of Qanon and Wikileaks and Veritas and Drudge and Infowars and more. And Q reminds me of V For Vendetta, the movie. I saw a CNN ad on Fox yesterday. People watching Fox News need to wake up. Building 11 fell as well during 911. How can we red pill more people?

    start stop start stop startstopstartstopstartstop20 mins gone watched 2mins dtube sucks unwatchable im out of here good luck