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It's time to assert ourselves in this battle over internet censorship. Dr. Jerome Corsi suggested flooding the internet with memes hashtag #internetbillofrights, #makeitrain, #bringthethunder and #BOOM. So to do my part I went out and took a photo of the ugliest guy I could find and made a meme!

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I have a suspicion as to who the "ugliest guy I could find" is. :-)

Haha that is a good shirt Rich no wonder you wanted 2 of them but I can see you didn't make effort on looking for the ugliest guy as I have a suspicion I have seen this fella before lol.


With a face like this you don't have to look far!

The ugly guy does it for me. lol

So cool!

But don't call the guy on the photo an ugly one! He looks more like a tough guy who knows what he wants. ;)


I can't believe my hair came out looking that dark! He's an OLD tough guy!!!

Damn it looks like he means business. He wants his rights and so do we. Thanks @richq11


Thank you Buddy... I really like this shirt- should have got two!

yeah its time , and in my case its time to get better ...btw would you please check out my post about gaining followers on Instagram , would mean a lot to me! ill be your Fan tho haha

great post....i like it...i hope every body like this post...

It's too late.... well, i do not know, it could be the very fight that people need to do against their govern-cements.

Most do not realize that this is a fight between the real deep-state and the people. The govern-cement only exists because they have controlled the media and the propaganda for so long. Now, their criminal enterprise is starting to be exposed and they will do everything to control the narrative again.

There is no piece of paper you could force into law that will stop them from trying. At best, it will be one rule for me, another for thee. They will go further than killing people to stop the loss of power.

For me, the internet of the future will be a point to point mesh that will span the globe. There will be no man-in-the-middle between any two nodes. Censorship will become as impossible as trying to stop everyone from talking. So, i will put my effort into bringing this technology to the people.


I don't know how much further you can go than killing people


Lock them up, and say, do this for us or your family dies.

Discredit them to all of their friends, making them pariah in what was once their community. Destroy their credit and source or resources, so, although they are free to invent, they no longer have the ability.

Or train them that they are worthless and can't do anything, so may as well accept a cubicle job for the rest of their lives, because that is all they could aspire to... wait, that one was about govern-cement schools.