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I have recently moved into a new house. And there were a few decisions to be made regarding TV and internet setups.

First off I wanted to make sure to have reliable internet that is capable of streaming 4k. I have had bad experience with Xfinity so opted for Verizon's 1 Gigabit service.

I also wanted to ditch TV, but my better 1/2 really wants TV so we are getting TV service as well. I personally do not watch TV anymore and get all my content via streaming services. I still watch TV content, just never via TV itself.

The biggest thing for me is always quality. TV providers do not even offer HD content, and frankly I am not tolerant to the low quality of HD especially not when it cost a few thousand $ a year and comes with ads.
I am so bad, whenever my wife wants to watch a show on TV with me, I make her buy it via apple TV.

So yes I am a snob. Admittedly but watching a movie or TV show is quality time spent for me. And quality matters for quality time at least to me.

Back to quality, my first thought was to get this super fast internet form verizon and then a super duper wifi network with a mash system that spreads the internet across the house.

I got the super duper pro version, that is supposed to handle the 1 gigabit wifi. There is one on each level of my house.

Wifi is just slow

The idea was to make sure we have the Wifi around the house on every floor next to the TVs so we can have fast streaming.

The thing is when testing the speeds of my network while walking around with the phone in the house, the speeds were often slow and the TVs confirmed it. Same thing with my PC which is right next to the wifi signal.

Cables still make all the difference

So I decided to connect all the key device that require fast internet with a cable directly. I bought a switch and used of ethernet cables to connect my TV, Apple TV, XBox and my PC directly to our network. Of course the Wifi is still being used for all the mobile devices.

And hurra: My TV now actually displays 4k Youtube videos in perfect quality and checking the app settings verified that the content is actually played in 4k.


When I was on wifi this was not always the case.

Same goes for Netflix and the newly Disney Channel.

Oh yes, I will have to pay for them all

From a content perspective I really only want streaming services anymore and Youtube.
So far what it looks like I will need:

  • Netflix. So far most of the quality content I watch comes from there. I doubt this will change soon
  • Youtube premium.
  • Apple TV+. This is very new, but it looks like they are trying to create lots of quality content, so this is must as well. I am already addicted to a few of their shows. They also allow the download to the iPad in very high quality which is great when flying.
  • Disney: Well this is not my thing, since most of its content is for kids, but they do have very few things I want to see, such as a low amount of Nature content and few movies every once in a while.

I have looked at Hulu, but kinda hate it. I added it as part of the Disney package and it comes with adds and does not allow me to download content. Every time i looked at Hulu I hated it, but I'll have to re-evaluate again I guess.

Anyway that has been my experience so far. I was shocked that I still need cables for optimal performance but overall am very happy with the experience now.

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