I'm Eddie Espino Digital Entrepreneur from Mexico

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Hello everybody!

My name is Eduardo Espino Deeke, but you can call me Eddie. I am a 30 years old Digital Entrepreneur form Mexico. I live in a small town called Tetelcingo, Morelos. This is an indigenous town that recently became independent from the Historical city of Cuautla, Morelos.

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I'm an internet enthusiast and since I was pretty young I remember being attracted to digital technology. I grew up playing video games and figuring out how computers and the internet worked. I also learned how to swim at a small age and practices football soccer and basketball growing up.


From my mother's side of the family I have German roots, my family came to Mexico shortly after WWI ended and they decided to stay. My father's mother is from Kansas City, but she has lived here almost all her life. I have one brother who is a pilot and skydiver and he lives in Houston, Texas.


When I was 14 years old my life changed I started having weird psychological episodes and I had to spent sometime in the hospital. I started taking meds and a couple of years later I had more episodes. In 2007 I had another episode, but this time it was different. It was an hypomania (the other pole of depression) and this time they gave a better diagnose. I have schizoaffective bipolar disorder and it has some downsides, but really it's a lot of fun and has made me the persona I am today.

Even though it has been hard I like to see the world with bright eyes and a optimistic smile.


I believe we are here to be happy and to help others achieve happiness. And in this journey we can build a better society for the future.

Because of many reasons I could not finish my College Education and it's difficult to get a good paying job where I live. So I had to become an entrepreneur and I have done many things in my career: Network Marketing, SEO, Forex, Sales, Online Shops and many more. I am still learning a lot and I want to become my best version possible.

I may make more posts talking about my personal life and my view on life. For example:

  • I was a mormon for 3 years, but I am not anymore.
  • My interest in video game development and the creation of fictional universes.
  • How I helped Tetelcingo to become an independent city.
  • Business ideas and working from home.
  • My favorite kind of music.

Leave me a comment if you would like to hear from any of these in particular.
Thank you for reading my introduce yourself post and keep rocking!


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Thank you! Check out my latest post! Hope you like it!

Depression is very hard but you can definitely end it by opening up more and engaging with other people. Welcome to steemit best of luck to you =)

Thank you! I am doing great at the moment! Almost 9years without a crisis and I’ve lost. Lot of weight and feel healthier overall. Thanks for the comment!

Thank you for the story, very touching. I know you will do great! Love the post, keep it up! @muscleroast.com

Thank you @muscleroast.com! It's about time to rewrite and improve my story!

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Thank you!

Welcome to steemit!

Thank You!

Welcome Eddie

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