Ten ways to make a living room more attractive

in interiors •  9 months ago

Living room is a place in our homes where we spend most our time with family, friends, or guests; and sometimes alone.

Don't you think our living rooms should be more comfortable and happening so everyone spends more time together?

Of course, we also want to have an aesthetically attractive and beautiful living room.

One of ways to accomplish these goals is to have a focal point in the living room.

A living room with a focal point (i.e. like magnetism or gravity) will attract everyone to spend more time together around it.

Let's go through some simple and different ways to have a focal point in our living rooms.

English Living: Dim lights or yellow lights

English Living Room with Dim Lights

Fire Place: fire place can be focal element of your living room which can attract people easily.

Fire Place: fire place can be focal element of your living room which can attract people easily.

Tip: Go for brick, stone or electrical one or can go for modern floating fireplace also.

Wall Art: Hang a Big Wall Art or draw on your wall, or have wall tattoos.

Wall Art

Tip: To make your wall focal point the wall should face your home entrance.

Exposed Brick Wall: The rustic look gives charming look and it is great combination of modern and classic interior.

Tip: The wall should face your entrance. Hang some accessories on the wall.

Pendant Light or chandeliers: Have beautiful and unique pendant light.

Tip: Pendant light should be centre of your coffee table or near sofa.

Pop Up Colour: Try some pop up colour like white sofa with red cousin and curtains, yellow sofa with black cushions and curtains.

Tip: Always have pastel colours on your living room walls.

Mirror wall: Wall mirror is stunning idea to look living room bigger and beautiful.

Tip: Hang your mirror at the centre of the living room wall to look room bigger.

Centre Table: Centre table should be a designer and attractive one. It would look gorgeous in your living room.

Tip: your coffee table should have minimal decorative, and do little research before buying table.

Theme: having theme in your living room bring richness and inspiration.

Tip: Go for pastel or colourful theme.

TV Wall Cabinet: TV Wall cabinet also be the focal point of your living room. Have a unique designs for tv cabinet.

Tip: Choose a wall which faces home entrance and pick some nice decorative for your wall cabinet.

I hope you find these ideas useful, if you do, please share your experience.

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