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Most Shocking and Weird Traditions Across the World

Friends, in our world...There are various cultures in each country, unique traditions in various states and significant customs in different villages.Well, coming to these traditions and customs.Among the countries which give more importance to the traditions and cultures, indian  traditions and cultures acquired worldwide fame and also became an inspiration to many countries.Well, going beyond this...Looking at the traditions of few countries...They not only surprise but also scares you.In case of such traditions, even our country is not an exception.In our country, there are few weird customs along with various traditions and cultures.Likewise, spreading across the world...

In this Post , I am going to Explain you about few traditions that create fear along with interest.

1: Thaipusam Festival of Hindus

This festival is celebrated remembering the occasion that the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, Kumaraswamy killed asura Surapadma.This Thaipusam festival celebration is seen along with Tamil Nadu region of South India...And this festival is celebrated mostly in countries such as Sri Lankan Tamils, Indonesia, Singapore, Malasia and Thailand.But looking at the traditions followed during this festival, it will make everyone frightened.As part of the festival tradition, the devotees pierce the iron spears tongue and mouth, then they take part in a public procession.

Not only that, as part of the public procession...Few great devotees pierce their body with spears and without caring even when it is bleeding heavily...They will rejoice in the devotion.Without any difference between men and women in this...Surprisingly, everyone would follow this tradition.They believe that they will be blessed by Kumaraswamy if they follow likewise.Every year this festival is celebrated during the last week of January or during the first week of February.

 2: Bullet Ant Gloves, Amazon

This Bullet Ant Gloves practice is one among the weird and strange customs which include superstitions.This custom is followed by Satere-Mawe Tribe of Amazon.As part of this tradition, when the boys of the tribe turn adult...Bringing the stinging giant ants found in that region...Submerging them in the herbal solutions and will be taken out after some time.They believe that this process sedates the ants with natural herbs.Then bringing the leaves found in the nearby places...

Making the gloves using them...Then those ants are woven into the gloves.The adult guys stick their hand into the gloves which were filled with those ants and dance.At that time, their pain cannot be expressed.There is a reason why they are being stung by ants even after suffering from so much pain.With the belief that during this time, ayurvedic qualities that the ants observed from herbal solutions will enter into the adults while stinging...They withstand the pain produced by those ants.

3: Burial ritual, Yanomami

This weird about which I am going to explain you now will make you feel disgusting.The Yanomami tribe who live in Brazil and Venezuela follow this weird tradition.Coming to this tradition...The way how they love their people when they are alive...This practice to show that they love them in the same way even after their death.That is...When their people die...They will be burnt according to their tradition...They consume the ashes of dead people as a soup mixed with banana.

Even if it is weird to hear, it is true.They believe that by doing like this, the strength, love and affection of dead people will stay forever with them.If they leave the ashes after burning the dead body without doing likewise...With the reason that the ghost will not rest in peace and haunt them creating some problems...Likewise, they have been consuming the ashes of dead people mixing with banana soup.

 4: Tooth filing

In the traditions of Hindu and Buddhism which have been spread across the world...In the countries such as Malasia and Indonesia...This Tooth filing is the tradition which girls and boys must follow before getting married.As part of this tradition...Making the bride and groom lie down at one place...Their teeth will be sharpened with a sharp tool for some time.During this process, some eatable things in round shape are placed between the teeth...They have a belief in doing this.They believe that teeth are the symbol of lust, greed, anger...Tooth filing before the marriage...Getting rid of them through teeth restoration...And they strongly believe that that bride and groom will become strong spiritually.

5: Bathroom ban weddings

The fifth and last tradition among the weird traditions looks really creepy.That is...According to a bizarre wedding tradition of the Tidong community, in Indonesia...If the groom wants to see the bride...He has to sing few amazing love songs before seeing her.That too he has to sing addressing the bride.Listening to those songs, only after she satisfys with that...When the bride appear on the stage, the groom can see after the curtain separating the couple is raised.Well, after their marriage...Both bride and groom should not use the bathroom.

They also say a major reason behind this strange tradition.With the intention that it would bring terrible luck or the other to the newly married couple for three days.Means they believe that the couple may get separated or anyone may die.So observing them at every moment and they are kept under watchful guard by the elders.Even the food they consume these three days is served very limitedly.They say that this is done for sake of the newly married couple.


This is the information about the interesting and creepy traditions.To know few more interesting facts...You do not forget to 

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