The Ordovician Wansheng: an amusement park that puts vertigo to the test

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This Chinese theme park is called Wansheng Ordovician and is an authentic torture-style test for anyone suffering from vertigo, as Insider's vision teaches us. The attractions are more intriguing, including a board bridge at 170 meters high, a glass walkway at 120 meters (the largest in the world) and a Heidi-style swing at the edge of a 300-meter precipice.

My favorite is undoubtedly the one called Extreme Leap, which is the bridge of planks: people cross assured with a life line and a harness, so nothing can happen to them, even if there is someone who falls. You have to jump from one table to another and those 35 cm separation are ... critical. There are people who cross the bridge jumping, others so calm and others doing the goose, but there are also those who have a hard time, what is said very badly.

Security does not seem like much, everything is said, which surely contributes to general misery. But as far as we know, they have not had a single accident since its inauguration.