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RE: 156 Nations have suffered Genocide since 1945

I love every time someone on the right tries to claim that socialism killed millions of people they ignore the deaths at the hands of late stage capitalism has killed this year alone.


Close to 100 million people*.

And how many people didn't starve to death due to capitalism? Thats in the hundreds of millions as well, and how many more people are able to live due to capitalism, billions... Capitalism is the right for people to trade freely with eachother.

This "late stage capitalism" that you talk about is socialism with the ultimate goal of getting to communism or a technocracy(tech giants/elites). The USA has tons of socialist policies put into place.

Why did the housing bubble happen? Wasn't capitalism, it was government intervention.

Why did the stock market crash? Wasn't capitalism, was government laws and regulations.

Why did the Great Depression happen and continue on for such a long time? Wasn't capitalism, was governments laws and regulations.

Now you can validly ask the question, what about natural monopolies those are a problem? Exactly, they are a problem. And the way to deal with those is by competition as the best way, and if they are so monopolistic they can't have competition even the playing field then and only then regulation might make sense. Not many natural monopolies exist though, so its mostly a scare tactic that is used as a boogey man to say we need regulation to reign in corruption. Most corruption in the United States is legal because companies carve these things out in legislation by buying off politicians.

We have Crony Socialism/Communism/Technocracy happening in the USA on a wide scale, not capitalism. Because again, capitalism is free trade between people, which we don't have in almost any sector.

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