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Integrity is absolutely essential to long-term success.

Without it, you’ll get nowhere.
With it, success is bound to flow.

Us humans have a way of sabotaging ourselves occasionally, acting foolishly and taking action before really thinking things through, in ways that may compromise our integrity.


As I’ve been gaining experience in the real world, I’ve made many mistakes through trial-and-error. I’ve taken many approaches that have done more harm than good...

I’ve been dishonest and discreet,
not always openly speaking my mind,
telling people what they wanted to hear, rather than telling the truth.

I’ve looked at people as dollar signs,
pitching people on my opportunities in ways I’m not proud of -
rather than developing meaningful friendships,
and providing them with value that could’ve transformed their lives.

I’ve been very incongruent at times,
trying to be a salesman, when I really hate sales;
trying to push things on others I haven’t been so certain of myself.

I’ve neglected some of my best friends,
thinking I had the solution to all their problems,
while I was really more concerned about how they could be of use in my plans.

I’ve failed to honor agreements live by my deepest values,
damaging invaluable friendships,
closing doors to rich, rewarding possibilities.

I’ve allowed my ego to go wild, judging countless people,
putting down others, withholding all I had to offer,
never getting to know that value they had to offer.

I’ve played roles I had no interest in playing,
thinking I needed to be someone I’m not to get where I wanted to be,
therefore holding back from sharing my real & best self with the world.


As we are learning and growing, we may have the best of intentions, yet communicate in ways achieving the opposite of our desired effects. Simple misunderstandings can repel others, cause ill-feelings towards you, and create enough doubt in others to put an end to the growth of potentially amazing relationships. Even when we think we’re finally getting it, it’s all too easy to slip up and take a simple wrong turn, turning people off.

Most of the time, we never get called out on our mistakes.

Rarely do people take the time to give their genuine feedback and let us know when we’ve missed the mark. Rarely are we blessed with the honest self-expression of how others feel when we wrong them, consciously or not. Most of the time, we remain in the dark to where we may be off in our approach. Though we’d prefer to think we’re perfect all the time, it is possible we may sometimes be offending & upsetting people without even knowing it.


As we embark upon the learning process of life, we’re bound to mess up from time to time. Out of ignorance, we can often neglect to treat others with the consideration & respect they deserve or conduct our business in ways congruent with the professional character we want to have be a positive influence the world.

Though we’re all bound to make mistakes, what’s more important than the errors themselves is the way we handle them. Though sometimes damage is done that can’t be reversed, most of the time we do have the chance to redeem ourselves.

Sometimes it’s a matter of reaching out to those we’ve wronged & apologizing - making it known we’ve become aware of our blunders and value our relationships enough to be honest, open and willing to learn. In other situations, it’s simply a matter of getting complete and making amends with ourselves - embracing the lessons in the experience and continuing on smarter, more mature, and more aware.


Without awareness,
we are bound to continue sabotaging ourselves, acting foolishly,
and holding ourselves back from becoming of the greatest value possible.

With awareness, we are more conscious of the consequences of our actions,
able to perceive the effects our words & actions have on others.

Interacting in the world unaware,
it is inevitable we will at some point do things to undermine our integrity -
as unfortunate it may seem at times, perhaps it’s part of the learning process of life.

Though, as we become aware of where we’ve fallen short,
we are given the chance to restore our integrity,
and develop the character to rise and succeed in the long-run,

As we restore our integrity, we help others build theirs,
we set a positive example for those around us,
demonstrating the immense power in being authentic...

By admitting our errors,
we allow others to trust us,
showing we aren’t afraid of hiding our weaknesses.

By opening to feedback and being flexible,
we allow ourselves to grow & expand,
becoming of greater value to others.

By sharing our faults & failures,
we encourage others to accept & transcend theirs,
inspiring, uplifting, and enabling others to shine...

As we restore our integrity,
the weight of our past is lifted,
and we are free to step forward in the future,
whole, complete, and empowered...

~ written June 2009

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amazing and captivating post i have to say, many truth,advice and wisdom in one piece.

honesty defines a man of integrity.

this is really a marvelous and magneficient post....this priceless elucidates our modern world and society. humans being selfish and greedy has cause havoc in our societies. we must induce honesty in our lives.

thanks for awaking our subconciouse and conciouse minds with these truthful words .

thanks for sharing sir

I could read this every two days. a lot of truth together, Do not imagine what this publication transmits.

It's good to meet you on these sides, people like that. I hope to continue reading you

Integrity is one of the best qualities of humanity. The necessity of human life is immense. Honesty and faithfulness make people better, ideal and morally, and through this we get the fullness of life. Even though honesty is the most important of us, we can not disclose it in many cases because on the basis of social system, economic development and equitable distribution of assets, Do it. So nowadays, people are honest, the main reason behind this is that - education, economic development, social progress, rule of law, etc. Those who lack nothing, it is easy to be honest. But when the human and basic needs of the people are incomplete, then It is very remote to follow honesty. However, it is undoubtedly the greatest achievement of his life, in the absence of religion, I am aware of the integrity of a beggar, (Meena Begum, 45), who was begging at the railway station of Santhara in Sadarah, Bogra, where she had two sons on the platform of the station. When he saw him, some people ran away from the room and then he got a van on the seat of the compartment. Seeing the bag, he took 70 thousand rupees in cash and got some cosmetic items. He gave it to the stationmaster) Imagine how high the height of his honesty! In the life of honesty of life, which can be taken in the absence of his life, he does not deviate from his honesty. Even if he is not in the world, he does not feel happy than he is, so it must be said that honesty and sincerity are the key to winning any war of the world.

Rarely do people take the time to give their genuine feedback and let us know when we’ve missed the mark.

I often wonder about this, even though am also guilty. It just shows that we must put in great effort towards carving out a good name and work even harder to maintain our integrity.

Indeed integrity is everything

If someone is honest then people can believe in him, trust him and forgive him. Many can be saved from wrong and wrong. If you are honest then you benefit yourself. And if you are honest about any long-term, you can avoid many untidy trouble, life It is beautiful and easy. So in my opinion honesty is the best way

There is a saying that the money earned through injustice runs two years, the third year is destroyed with the original. Today, instead of speaking the truth, we try to say the same, who wants to listen in front. You may have also seen that on this steam brick many people have posted such posts which have nothing to praise, yet more than 50 people have responded, they have expressed their views. Please read the first article to respond honestly and then express your thoughts. Honestly, though the work done properly does not happen immediately, its benefits are visible to us later. A person who is living in a mood of moral values ​​can never be satisfied. On the criterion of logic, we can come true only when we do our work honestly. Errors are all in them but over time, those who improve their mistakes, the same person moves forward for a successful life. What we wrote in response to your article is inspired by your thoughts.

_I much like your these lines (I’ve been dishonest and discreet,
not always openly speaking my mind,
telling people what they wanted to hear, rather than telling the truth.) regards

@rok-sivante, Yes, for sure Integrityplays an vital role in life and when we lack the integrity then for sure we are not showcasing an worthful act towards anything. And as you said, Integrity push us towards heights in life.

And most importantly Integrity develops when we hold the Long-Term aspect and when we enter for short term benefits or thoughts in any aspect, then in my opinion in most of the cases we will going to lack the Integrity.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Integrity patience and passion is the weapon of human being that can easily overcome the greatest difficulties.
Yes, it is also true that if a person does not make a mistake then he can not learn.

Honesty is the quality of human being, that is why he can make a bigger personality

Dishonestly, we all do not cheat others, but also give ourselves to ourselves, which injures our soul and we fall in our eyes.The dishonest person always tells others what they want to hear but they tell the truth in honest people so that they can be motivated to move forward


Introduction: One of the greatest qualities of human character is honesty. The effort and practice of attaining this quality can lead a person to the highest position of dignity and glory. This quality can be achieved through devotion to devotion. And whoever can achieve this great quality, he is known as an ideal person in society. Honesty is said to be an ornament of human character.

Honesty Characteristics: Honesty refers to the quality of being honest. Honesty is expressed through the tendency of honest people to follow the truth. One of the characteristics of honesty is to lead life in line with justice and justice without doing wrong, illegal work. The main way to make life successful and successful is honesty. Good thinking and honest work develops through honesty like honesty. So from ancient times, people have been practicing honesty and have come true to the society. People of honesty are the ideal people of the society.

The benefits of honesty: The benefits of honesty develop in hundreds of ways. To make life beautiful, successful and worthwhile, it is necessary to have the habit of being honest. A man of good quality can never be involved in evil or evil. The honest person is only characteristic and noble. Everyone is a believer in honest people's society. Everyone is a believer in honest people's society. Honesty forces people to moral strength. The honest person never mocks the wrong and the untrue. So the importance of honesty in human life is immense.

Impact of honesty: By influencing the honesty of honest people, the evil person can change the speed of life and the speed of life. Maj Gen Abdul Kader Jilani (R) was the favorite of everyone for honesty and truthfulness since childhood. He did not resort to lies while lying in the hands of robbery. As a result, the boy became fascinated by the oppression of the boy Abdul Qader Jilani and left a robbery robbery. Therefore, we need to be honest in achieving honesty, prosperous and beautiful living.

Conclusion: Honesty is beautiful, honesty is great. To glorify our character, honesty is essential for life to be successful. We need to recognize our honesty in every aspect of life. And that's why we have to build a habit of being honest since childhood. To practice honesty.


Is this some weird bot you’ve got setup to copy-and-paste encyclopedia definitions of a word in posts...? Because that’s what it kinda comes across as... 🤔

Really really amazing