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Actually the "entrepreneur" type, but I think that is the main idea here anyway. I was a top salesman in grade school, candy bars for school fundraisers, etc. I also did very well in Boy Scout popcorn too. All that aside, I am now a master of my own destiny as I have an "SDIRA" which means Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account. Currently batting 1.000 (got a hit every time at bat, mostly singles! LOL) It's been gains in every sector so far, I took about 1/3 and put that into an aggressively managed but conservatively and actively protected mutual fund. My first statement showed a $50 profit right away (BFD!) that's like a .1% gain 😜 Most things start out with an initial loss, in my experiences. Then we have the Gold purchase, I bought about a dozen AGE's or American Gold Eagles, and those made right around a 10% gain in about a month. Pretty happy with that, should have bought more in fact 😜 I was about to pull the trigger on a Monster Box of SILVER, that would have gained even more, but that brings me to the Cryptos. An SDIRA only allows buying BTC and ETH, and I have both. I was buying my "daily bank limit" and then when the ETH/BTC ratio was favorable, I traded BTC for ETH. The Ether has a much larger upside to get back to it's ATH as compared to BTC. BUT, the old standby BITCOIN, has a big advantage in the next year.

  1. Japan Olympics in 2020... The .gov over there has made it mandatory for all retailers to be "BTC Compliant" in time for the Olympics! So summer of 2020 will be HOT for the BTC folks. More buyers than ever I believe. New ATH, as that brings me to point #2...
  2. BTC Halving in 2020 😱 Oh my! 2 huge factors driving UP the BTC Prices! I do not have a projected date for this one, but I hope it is after the Olympics, for maximum BANG.

OOPS, I forgot to tell how I made money despite a falling market but I alluded to it above. Trading ETH for BTC when the ratios were favorable. Here's a link: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@underground/who-has-made-money-in-this-sideways-market-this-month-this-guy Just blind luck, coupled with a bit of know-how and watching the ratios fluctuate. I kind of wait for the prices to stabilize after a down trend, and if it is higher than 40:1 I may trade. I have mostly traded at 45:1 or higher. Comparing ATH's we see approximately a 15:1 ratio, coin to coin. 45:1 means ETH has a 3x growth advantage over BTC, in a sustained Bull Market. But the Olympics and BTC Halving have me staying in BTC somewhat then I will likely flip ALL to ETH after the last of the 2 events. I expect a big BTC leveling off, if not a sell-off.

We Shall See! 🙈

Great to be here, let's drive this front end (INT) to the...


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