My very first live stream ever!

in instagram •  last year

Today I met my friend Poyraz to get some video of him windsurfing. It was the windiest day ever in Kihei, Maui! While we were getting ready I went live on my new Instagram account for the first time ever. It was a lot of fun, I can't wait for the day I can go live from my esteem app too!
Check out my live videos here:

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We are connected on Instagram as well. Great Nicholas !

Friend, I went there but didn't get the video so far :/
Can you guide me where to find it!



To get the live stream just follow me from your Instagram app and click on my profile pic, you should see a play button, that is where they keep the cached live streams!


Okay friend I will do! Thanks for helping me to figure this out!


its so amazing @honusurf

Thank you for sharing your first live stream @honusurf
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excellent video & impressive work @honusurf


its look amazing ☺☺

@honusurf - Oh my goodness it's a wonderful video Sir.... Nice you decided to share a live stream Sir <3

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oww amizing post.....

All the videos are good. Some videos are the best.

That really sounds great though :)
And congrats upon the 1st 1