The Value of Kindness -Esteem Exclusive

in inspiration •  6 months ago

As humans, we all have our own personal problems to think about and resolve. This already can be quite overwhelming, how much more dealing with the challenges of others. But a lot of other people we come in contact with are going through some really serious difficulties and pain which may require our help. Should we turn a blind eye at their predicament?


I don't think so. Many times in my life, I have all my needs clearly stated out in front of me and then I calculate what is required to sort them out. As soon as, I get a break, I direct the proceeds to my needs. But before I can do that, someone shows up with a really serious and urgent issue. At this point, I get to ask myself some questions. Which do I attend to, my needs or this other person's? If I don't help, what exactly would be my joy and satisfaction, even if I have all the money. But, if I extend a hand of support, I can sow a seed of love and kindness.


I think the true value of kindness is the joy of putting a smile of someone's face and touching someone's life by sharing what we have. Most of the time, the only down side we may experience is to wait a little more but it's nothing compared to the fulfillment we experience by making a difference. It all starts from a simple act of kindness.

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