Never let the "good enough" be good enough.

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Today, I went to a Spar shopping mall in Portharcourt, Rivers State. It had two sets of double doors. As I was about to enter the first door, it opened up automatically leading to the second pair of doors. When I went through the first set of doors, I had to be patient to wait for the first set of door to shut tightly behind me before the second door opened. In other words, as far as I'm at the first set of doors, the second Will never open.. 

Then it crossed my mind that life is something similar to those automated doors. You have to forget about your failures , disappointment, heartbreaks and let those doors closed tightly behind you. They all belong to the past now. It's time for you to gallantly step forward to the future that God has for you knowing you can't do anything about the past. Quit looking back, what is in front of you is far more significant than where you have been. When you quit been sober over what you have lost and start looking ahead, nothing will keep you from the good things of God. 

The devil knows what we carry on the inside, so he does everything he can to stop that gift or talent from manifesting. So he inflicts us with sorrows, divorce, tragic experiences, pains, making sure nothing good is coming your way and make life extremely difficult. But God wants to restore us to our rightful place and resurrect your dreams by doing a new thing. 

The Bible said:

For a righteous man fall seven times and rise Up again. ( Prov 24:16 KJV).

But, if we are bold enough to rise Up again and dust ourself off from unfair situations, the sky will just be our starting point. But whatever you do, don't stay down. If you can't find anyone to motivate you, motivate yourself. 

Joel osteen in one of his books, said:

Tell yourself every morning, I've come to far to stop now. I may be knocked down but I'm not knocked out. I'm going to get back up again. I know I'm a Victor and not a victim.

You must keep yourself stirred up to see these new open doors. Never settle for "good enough".

  • I don't like the course I'm studying in school but is good enough. 
  • I am not making enough money in my business but is good enough, at least I'm surviving. 
  • I'm not doing what I love, but is good enough, at least, I'm working. 

Don't ever let good enough be good enough. Keep pushing forward and never stop having faith. You were made to leave an indelible mark on this generation. So don't bother thinking about how you started because it doesn't count, it's how you finish that matters. Remind yourself God is still in complete control of your life. 


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