"Into the Mind" looks absolutely insane, decadent on all levels! Wow!!! Thank you so very much for sharing this with us. It had been a long while since I was teaching little JP AUCLAIR how to make 720s, I say little , but he is still to this day one of the biggest 12 years old I have ever seen, including the ones living in the Hazelton area. Wicked lines!!! ...and what an amazing crew working together in Sherpa Cinema... Breathtaking!

Namaste :)

P.S.: Maybe you are now ready for movies like BARAKA??? ;)


I'm about to watch it right now...I'll report back

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 01.23.40.png

Just me picking the totally unconventional scene to make a point out of, but you're right the Videography and storytelling is super nice...I particularly liked this little cutaway shot, nice touch.

Still watching...

Redbull TV? Never heard of it but you learn something new every day thanks for sharing!

Hey bro, this sounds so good!

I was JUST having this convo with my sweetheart about how although neither of us really "watches TV," we enjoy having one to watch our fave stuff on a proper set, as you mentioned.

I have been here thinking about what we will be enjoying together once we set up a TV again.

Can't wait to check this out!

Yeah, it will be interesting to have a TV in here again, too! ^_^

Interesting share. Red Bull TV? That's new for me.

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