Reflections In A Charming Mountain Village in Cyprus. "You Seek What Is Seeking You!?" Rumi

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Did you ever give it a thought what and who is seeking you and why?

Rumi, a Sufi master, the Persian poet, born 807 years ago, got me thinking more in recent times about his simple but so wise words.


The photographs with my iPhone7, were taken in Cyprus where I stay since over 2 weeks. We went to a small and stunningly beautiful, charming mountain village called [Lefkara]away from the touristic beach areas.






Who is Rumi?

Your social media is full of his quotes. He has sold millions of copies what makes him the most popular poet in the USA with fans all around the globe with a facebook group of nearly 2 million fans.

He was reflecting on humanity and futility of rigid identities where we all originate from a divine and loving creator. - [Source-


What do we seek?HipstamaticPhoto-553349857.042327.JPG

What did I seek in recent times?

I wish to "fly"!!

Appreciation, attention, affection, valuable friendships, abundance, wiseness and love of course. I made a wish for all those and kissed, actually hugged that cross so much, begged and didn't let it go anymore. Kind of hilarious but churches always put me in a mystic and deep mood.

I cried out of happiness because I knew the magic will happen as usual.....I always get what I "need" :) Oh well! Most of the time.

The moment you find a way how to stop to hold on so tight on everything you crave for so badly, it will find it's way to you and it did before, it will come my way many ways when you forgot about and don't expect it anymore.

“I have neither a soul nor a body, for I come from the very soul of all souls.” - Rumi


Why do we meet certain people in our lives, even though it doesn't make sense at first. It was maybe you, who was looking for something and it actually found you.


It's the first time in my life that I do understand the quote : "You seek what is seeking you"


I ended up reading this article on a blog and caught on the saying "
Be careful not to attach yourself to any outcome. Rarely does it manifest itself when you do."

I always think too much how could it be if I get what I really want and manifest the outcome, even fight for, trying to control instead of going with the flow in a calm and patient way.


Once again, I made the same mistake.

Patience is not my best virtue. Most of the time I even push for a faster result and mess things up in the worse ways. It never works like that, especially if you deal with another human being who has another vision maybe. You can't force nor pressure anything. You can only wait and let it all happen, stay in the presence!


Do you need to reinvent yourself to get what you really want or would you rather settle for what you think you deserve?

No Way! I always want to find what is soothing my souls wellness, finding beauty and caring people!
I deserve so much abundance of "LOVE" but had to stop to look for others to give it to me. People can change from one second to another and all the attention you showered yourself with is gone in a blink of an eye and then you stand all alone again, wondering what to do.

So...Yes....I got my kick in my butt but I finally figured it all out! Live in those moments, enjoy as long as the illusion lasts. Pay attention to the lessons you had to learn and then move on. Next!

Just keep on walking like a "Super Star" with your head wide up and just start observing "what & who" is seeking you.

I believe it's good to manifest your dreams and then let your sparkling, radiant and powerful side of yourself shine through in stillness and announce to the whole world how much you care for yourself and your life around people who truly accept you for who you are. Don't be scared that some people might just run far away from you. Be honest about your emotions. Maybe they just can't even feel themselves, yet.

Stop making the wrong people feel special. No matter how hard you try, they'll never be right for you. - r.h.Sin


I have to tell myself every day a few time, through quotes, poems, songs, that I am the only one who can create a certain flow of loving vibrations around me.

Believe it or not but we already hold the power to imagine the energy of your wonderful spirit, shaping the maximum of experience teaching you how to create everlasting excitement and fulfilment. Never forget to tap into your own energy first of all. The rest will fall in place!

You will be " FOUND"!

Our life experiences only reflect our soul and the energy within ourselves!

Never a story without music :)

A sweet version I even like more



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Hiiiii, been a little bit, its interesting to see how you have learnt and tried to adapt to frequencies that motivate your energy, inner belief and strength, Rumi is one of my gavorites poets and I found out about him about 3 months ago, a quote i will never forget from him is

Only from the heart can you touch the sky

It makes me think a lot, if we dont have love for ourself, how can we love others, if we cant love ourselves from within we cant love others, how then can we touch the sky?

Thanks for making me ponder on this again,
and thanks for sharing your personal growth, struggles and victories with others, it is really hopeful. 🙏


Sometimes I think that I have more than one heart 💜 but I can’t reach the sky ....I keep on trying

So nice to hear from you again


This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.

Whatever this means, you flew to my sky and showed me love, arent you awesome!




How can we step without feet???
I still need to learn more, much more!

What a grande entry! What a way to express yourself and be honest about it. Welcome back... i wish i could sing for you right now with my cracked hoarse voice to make you giggle a little.

Do you know why i have much love and respect for you Mama? It is because you are really honest. You don't fake emotions and you let it ouy as it always allow your emotions speak and you know yourself to know that. You know yourself to always speak the truth to yourself; a virtue many people have lost. Most people can't even be honest with themselves not to talk of being sincere with their emotions.

Yes, we are responsible for our happiness. Others may inspire us but it is our choice to stay happy and they shouldn't have to determine it for us due to the unpredictability nature of humans. It's okay to have flaws, it's okay to be impatient, it shows our human side after all and when we surround ourselves with people who understands that and also compliment us by being patient with us, it makes it a whole lot easier.

I miss you @mammasitta.


What a grande comment from you!!!
Honesty is a virtue indeed in our days. The question is .....How much honesty people can take?
You might suffocate with the truth maybe. I am not sure sometimes if I might be simply "too much"
Yes! I enjoy to be an example and try to prove that happiness is possible out of choice, I prefer to be authentic for the whole world and don't want to change who I am.
Then.....You will be found!


Absolutely...we are not to change who we are but sadly many people yield to who the world wants them to be, forgetting who they really are. Honesty is a great virtue and yes Mama, you are a great example, positive source of strength and happiness is indeed by choice. We choose to be happy by the choices we made do with everyday. Life will always wrung out lemons we should turn it into something worthwhile. We can make a fine tune out of our broken strings but it has to be our choice.

Like you said ma, not many people can handle honesty. They would rather choose to hear differently. Like that popular quote says:

"Before you ask the question, be very sure you want to listen to the answer".

Thanks as always mama.

I cant bealive my eyes you are a great motivation for females.i am a great fan of your blog posts.


You made my morning more beautiful and put a smile on my face. Thank you and hello to Bangladesh!

Pictures are so cute these streets are amazing i am glad to see you "Queen of steemit" aka @mammasitta,Thank you for the love and support.


You just made me blush calling me a "Queen" ......Thank you beautiful "fighter"

I like so much the way you write and express yourself! To be honest i am also inpatient and i tend to rush things, but thanks to my girlfriend she is the complete opposite and good that sometimes i listen to her and things go the right way 😅 Go with the flow and don't think too much what would it be and how could it be, this way of thinking only eats us from inside.♥️


It’s just the way how I feel Vasil! So many emotions cruising in my mind and body that sometimes I feel exploding ......i really would love to meet that beautiful and wise Lady of yours 💕


I love cruising! Wonderful Pixies indeed


Hah yes, one day i will introduce you to her :)


Bin schon neugierig

Our desire for Love signifies a greater desire for union and communion with the Tao/God/etc.

Rumi's work is beautiful, as we read nd come to realise that lost lover is already present.

It's nice to have that mirrored back to us by another however - we are, after all, only human.


The lost lover is already present

More "humans" please:)




To quote the immortal George Harrison, “all things must pass” 🙏🏽


They always do :)

There is a lot of arguments and inspiration with the people, which is conducted by the poet of Rumi's writing. It helps you to be stronger and more patience with the situations. I think that's the power of ink and paper.

Hello @mammasitta how are you i really enjoyed these pictures from your trip more than that i really loved the comments from the people more over you are such a humble person,i really thank you for supporting people around you,This is just a small compliment i know you are lot more bigger than what i wrote,see you soon bye.

Amazing work dear you are my inspiration not only for me but lot more people there like me,truely you are my super hero.


I am truly humbled by your lovely comment and appreciation for me because I do remember that usually they are very short :)
Thank you so so much for caring me your super hero.....Thats simply awesome!

Wow! Beautiful and mesmerising photography @mammasitta. Amazing one!
Brilliant content.

Thanks for sharing this post. 🤗💚

I love this <3 and amazing pictures!! Da hast dir einen schoenen Platz ausgesucht :)
Die r.h.Sin Quotes sind einfach immer toll ;)

Awesome pictures madam i am so glad to see you again i am following your foot steps.


I try to keep moving ......:) It's nice not to walk alone in my footsteps

These photographs are so unique,cant ask anything better i have lost you but you are back with these blog posts.How are you dear.


Hello Sarah! I am good ....again.....I had tough weeks but all is getting back in balance.


I am so happy that you are back,by hearing your words i am in tears i miss you a lot,i am so sorry for amount of pain you got,with out you i am nothing thank you so much for your support.

its also a big inspirations for all of us...thanks for share


Thats so nice of you to say!!

Nice to meet you @mammasitta. Thanks for sharing such awesome place.


Happy to meet you too :)

Amazing island and now i am seeing a happy girl,what happened to you is everything alright now.Hope everything is ok have a great day.

Mountain Village is awesome i used to live in village which is surrounded by mountains.


yes It was a wonderful trip

I am so glad to see you again,btw this village is really so special.


Good to see you as well again :)

Such a nice time to explore there so beautiful and amazing to check that out :D


Yes...At first I was a bit shocked and expected more from this island but if you really look deeper, you will find beauty everywhere. More to come :) from Cyprus


Thanks much
What’s awesome ?
Pictures or story ?


Danke Andy!


Ich habe zu danken... ;-)
Ohne Übertreibung wirklich spitze!


The photos made the text ein bisschen einfacher zu schauen:)

Da faellt mir gerade ein Artikel ein zu meinem Denglish


Ich verstehe Denglisch gut, weil ich selbst nur Denglisch spreche, wenn ich eigentlich Englisch sprechen will.... :-)

This village is really awesome never saw such one thanks dear for giving me such a memorable experience.


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Lefkara looks so nice, better than the tourist spots🤗


Not so easy to find those kind of spots and I had to loosen up my thoughts through pictures for people who are not in the mood for this kind of topic:)
Nice to see you here.

Great blog post ❤️

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Thanks so much Beautiful!


Your welcome ❤️

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