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As bright as the sun, my smile says hello to every person I meet. I smile to let everybody see how beautiful can life is. I am a person of positivity but I'm still a human. I feel sad too. Behind that smile, lies a loneliness no one else has ever seen.

I have been doing my best to make everybody proud and let them appreciate me. But why don't I get the attention that I wanted? Were my efforts not enough? Am I doing something wrong? What should I do to get them appreciate me?

I am always keen to everything I do. Meticulous, perfectionist, you could say it because it is what I have become. I wanted the best results.

Every day, I am always trying to bring in something new, something I wish they would have a look and commend me. I hope it won't remain a hope forever.

You may think of my wish as ridiculous but it is what it is. I wanted to feel belonged and make some friends. It's just a simple wish from a simple person like me. But when will that come true? I can't tell because they don't seem to like me.

It's discouraging to know that somebody dislikes you in all honesty but I can't give in with some people who don't appreciate what I do. I have my own character and I want others to love me for who I am. I want that respect I give to people who knows how to care.

Maybe it's not about being the best to have attention or changing something in me to deserve their appreciation. Maybe it's about being me and striving further and staying humble no matter little efforts I make. I'm pretty sure I'll find my own tribe and when I do, I'll treasure them like no other.

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step." - Anon

Once and for all, let's all admit that everyone of us wanted attention. Whether from our parents, relative, friends and people we idolize, we want to get noticed and let them know that a person like us exist.

It's normal and it's not a bad thing. What bad about it is when a person drowned too much in wanting affection and got depressed because they felt unwanted. These are the people who had negative thoughts around them.

What we can do, and it's always a thing to remember, is to remind ourselves and others who experience as such that no little things can't make any difference. Micro efforts can have macro effect when collated altogether.

When you seem to not see results on your efforts, what do you think about? Have you refused to give up on something and continued to step forward?

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Taking a step can change our life we should not fear and do what we want to do with our heart some people fears about failure and don't pursue their passion they need this thing to learned .Courage is everything it can make or break the situation.So,take a step forward for yourself ,your dreams 😊


Bravery is something that can't be learned, it has to come from the heart and the will to take on greater heights are what keeps a dedicated person striving.

You mentioned that courage is everything, it can make or break the situation. How do you think can it break the situation? I just want to hear more of your thoughts in this one.


For example if someone has a dream and he don't have enough courage to face people and go forward according to his will he might get successful in other fields but he will always have a regret that I didn't live my dream.


Oh I see. I thought a bad situation could come up because of courage too. That was what it feels like when you said courage is everything and it can break the situation.

You were referring about the lack of courage, cowardice. - the excessive self-concern and wherein fear overrides a person's self esteem.


Right my friend somtimes people suffer and don't speak about themselves when they should because fear of losing or being judged


While it is normal to fear criticisms, one must take the chance to take a shot and know how strong can it be. We learn from mistakes, losing and from the people around us.

Often, people with such doubt to themselves and fear to everyone has judged themselves firsthand.

Looking for recognition/praise from other people is a sure way for depression in my own opinion. I would say 99% of my encounters are people who are complaining about something or being rude. Even though I would rate my self as a very friendly and helpful person.

It really feels like a big challenge not to give up and staying "positive".
Maybe the best way is to appreciate yourself no matter what other people are saying/doing and take the step which is best for you.


Looking for recognition/praise from other people is a sure way for depression in my own opinion. I would say 99% of my encounters are people who are complaining about something or being rude.

I think you could call it immaturity or people who don't understand much but keeps on complaining and jumps into conclusions too fast without knowing whatever it really is.

Yes, it is indeed a big challenge and staying positive is knowing you'll be fine no matter how things turn out.