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There are times when I used to ask Him about why I need to have such a fate. This is absolutely not what I wanted to have. I did not even ask for all of this. Am I destined to live my life this way? This is not even something you can call life.

I even wished that if only my life was as great as those people who were not afraid of anything because they know that they have everything. They can be what they want because nothing hinders them from becoming so.

If only I was born lucky just like them, I might be telling you a different story. My life is a complete opposite of their life. It’s like a survival battle that whenever you wake up, you need to find ways on how you can get through the day and it’s always like that. I know I’m not the only one suffering but experiencing it is a very clear proof of how difficult life can be.

I don’t trust anyone. I was born without knowing my parents and I couldn’t even imagine how I have lived this long. I used to run away from people chasing me because of food I took out of hunger. Honestly, I don’t even know that it was stealing and that it was something bad to do. All I know is that I have to eat and feed my hunger.

There were times I only had water from river banks throughout the day. It was one of those days when water from rivers was edible for drinking. It was the only thing I could get for free and I am very glad that water existed.

As I grow up, I am trying to understand my life and other’s way of living. It sure was a tough job for a stray kid without education. I was trying to figure out everything without even knowing if it’s true or not.

There are many things that I don’t quite understand well. Why were they born not like me? Why am I not born just like them? Why does a kid, someone like me have to struggle with all these? I couldn’t even remember if they were a time where I put on a smile. I wanted to feel that something they call happiness.

On my darkest moments, I even thought to end my life. I was tired and felt helpless of all what life is throwing at me so I thought about giving up my life. It is only now that I have realized how precious life can be. So precious that no one can ever give it to you except Him. Well I guess a kid can think of many not so suggested thoughts growing up. Still, I am lucky to have survived being a kid and it is something that is part of my persona.

"I want to live my life without stress and worries I don’t need to be rich and famous. I just want to be happy." - Anon

In every other parts of the world, we can’t remove the fact that there are kids who were born helpless. They are the ones who should only be happy because they should be and because kids are what will the future be. These young innocent souls need nothing but parental guidance until they can deal with life on their own.

Today, it is common to people to not acknowledge stray people as equal citizens of the world. Most think they are dirty but these people are more than innocent and have suffered more than they wished for.

If you run across a stray person, whether it is a kid or an adult, try to at least offer help that is from the bottom of your heart. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, as long as it can help. Do try to leave a smile too because it’s the best thing you can give and it can even change one’s life.

What does it take to be happy? Do you believe that you don’t really need to be rich and famous to live a happy life?

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