New England Winters Can Be Stubborn, Thankfully We Can Be Too ;) - Tips For Urban Gardeners

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I'm not sure if you remember when i mentioned how important keeping some heavy duty plastic wrap on hand in my last urban garden post,, but if you do you probably have already saved your sring garden from a hail storm too. 


It may not be pretty or fun to have around for sure, one thing is undeniable indeed,


It kept all that hail from disrupting the soil in those pots and getting kicked up and out when they were just getting comfortable in there. Ice is one of the only things we know of that expands when it gets cold so it is much better up there on the wrap than inside crushing the seeds that made it through the barrage the night before when the bad weather came. I can find some beauty in that and if you look real close you see  some cool colors and patterns in that image, maybe it has an something to it, there is that I suppose. 


I always take gardening one step at a time and half the progress comes from the year before, and the mistakes I made of course :) 


Things get easier every season because you get to know what you need and can plan well ahead. I like watching things get better and having the tools to get the jobs done makes a huge difference. Take these small greenhouses for instance, they are not what i would call industrial grade racking but both of them are giving me a huge head start on the garden this year.


It's still a bit too cold to put them outside and get the full use out of them so I choose to build them indoors. The first one in a small top down hot house that I am using to get my jalapenos and serranos going. Believe it or not, these warm climate peppers can do well with an early start, just as long as it doesn't go below freezing for extended time periods that is.


The second one is a walk in that is keep my June seedling cozy. It's filled with all the really fragile plants like tomatoes and the like, that stand no chance in bad weather conditions. The extra warmth and protection is giving me about 8 weeks of extra growing time for  these key staples and I hope that equates to several pounds of clean food this year more than we had last season. We used to get nervous when we put these in even after the second week in may so I'm really excited to see how it goes. 


Eventually they will move  outside when summer decides to come around and find their place in the yard. If they do OK out there and survive until next year I'll definitely grab plenty more of them. The aesthetic appeal of greenhouses is for sure leaps and bounds over the wrap and I could say that I'll replace one method with the next, but honestly i'll tuck that ugly wrap away again and likely find a new spot for a few dozen more varieties of plants and I'll be covering pots outside for a long time ;) 


Thanks for checking this article out, it will only get greener from here on out and there are more posts coming. 

Please let me know if you are out there gardening in the city or on the homestead, I would love to chat anytime.

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I see someone loving his plants the way they deserve. I mentally add a bit of love from Germany where it's also quite chilling.

That looks brilliant! It is nice to see everything on the post looked amazing using the Dapp! I appreciate you jumping right in. Be well.

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It's still way too early for me here, I haven't even planted my tomato seeds yet. I'll probably do that some time next week.
We can get frost here right up to the end of May, so putting the warm weather plants out before that is a risk.


It's a battle for sure, even after my precautions with the cold weather plants I have to wait and see what sprouts up still.


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