Inktober #1

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Happy Monday beloved community of Steemit!!!

Apparently everything is going excellent in Steemit so the holidays are over. October came and that means that today begins the challenge of making a drawing with ink every day for 31 days, greetings #Inktober2018.

It's my first year at #Inktober and I hope I can make the 31 drawings, hopefully the time allows me. I'm thinking of making the drawing based on the list created by the creator of #Inktober Jake Parker, although if on the way something comes to my mind I would leave the list aside. 😋

Thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoyed my first drawing for #Inktober2018, I hope to see many Steemians artists participating in the challenge. 😉


Gif of Drawing Process


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Very cool! I also did a scorpion for day one :D


YES? They are cute but dangerous hehehe.
Have a nice month of October and also an incredible Inktober

Looking good @yanes94 ! :) Well done!


Thank you very much, my dear teacher. 😋
Oh Darling I had not seen thanks for the resteem.

Awesome drawing! Thanks for sharing!


very cool piece, @yanes94 :) love the composition and the scorpio looks really dangerous !


I'm glad you like it!
it is small and dangerous hehehe

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Thanks :)

Great drawing!


Thank you very much. ;)

So beautiful, dangerous, scary and even romantic at the same time. I like combinations of objects that you selected. Thank you so much for sharing!


Thank you very much for appreciating my work. 😘