Inktober 2019!! No. 2 - Mindless

in inktober •  2 months ago 

The next day of Inktober! This one is for "Mindless" - aaaand it's a self portrait where I'm looking at the endless scroll. Hence.. mindless!

Inktober 2019 - No 2. Mindless

edit: I'm still not sure why it's sideways, when I post it here.. it's right side up on my computer?

Made with my favourite sharpie pens (a fine point and a big fat one) as well as some prismacolor pens (brush pen, calligraphy pen)

Hope you like it! Come back tomorrow for No. 3!


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Nice work I liked the light effect and emotions on the face, and I just followed you
and check out my works too I am an artist too let me know you think about my works

thanks so much for stopping by! I will certainly check out your stuff :)

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This is dope. I love the look in her eyes. You should use the #creativecoin tag for you Inktober post and all of your creative posts, so that you can earn more rewards for your posts. CreativeCoin is one of the sponsors for the Inktober contest along with @ocd.

Thank you! I will most definitely do that :D