Construction of the Osgiliath

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Construction of the Osgiliath, the Osgiliath is a massive bridge system that will be used to safely traverse goods across the Kazx chasm, the bridge will use a powerful lock mechanism to extend outward. This connection will allow for the Titus Corporation to move thousands of pounds of Lent Tree Leaves to be processed into weapon materials. The bridge system features a primitive warning radar system to protect against Skiff Raiders, and Rebel Forces.

Titus Corporation - A monolithic corporation that uses jungle materials to build weapons.

Lent Tree Leaves - Powerful leaves that can processed into many materials, from food to weapons materials.

Skiff Raiders - Bandits who swoop in with low flying gravity skiffs.

Rebel Forces - A combination of bandits, and native tribesmen who are attempting to stop the advancement of the Titus Corporation.

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