Directed to the lame stream media

in #infowars3 months ago

I am sick and tired of you guys preying on the minds of the simple. So I am exposing your shenanigans and calling you guys out. This is no longer a friendly shot fired accost the bow of your ship, this is an eviction notice!

I watched as you guys showed video footage of 'supposed tragedies' that were obviously rigged by you guys
I watched as you guys twisted your news stories to make the U.S. President appear guilty
Now I am watching you guys as you 'report' on a health crisis and the subliminal message that you guys are sending out is 'Everybody Run' well I am sick of your dishonest reporting.

I am not calmly suggesting that people turn off the fear porn that is called the news, instead I am transmitting a message into the heavenly realm and I am ordering the disassembly of the fake news media.

Captain T.J.