Big Thanks For ThemarkyMark, Anyx, Patrice and Others Who Helped Ruin Steemit

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As you can see from the graph beneath, the number of active authors and curators on Steemit has drastically fallen like over 70% or so.


So let us all give a big applause and Reward for al the @cheetah, @steamcleaners, @badcontent, @buildawhale, @spaminator etc. etc.

Only 30% To Go!

Keep Up The Good Work Guys!


What a coincidence that the graph directly matches the decline of all crypto, I'm sure that doesn't play any part.

I think the low price of Steem is caused by the desinterest of people.

If this is actually what you think then I don't think you realize that without external purchasing (read: incoming value) of STEEM the price will consistently decrease due to the inflationary model of the Steem blockchain.

~ Mako

a good social media platform that is content-based should not primarily have to depend on the ups and downs of some crypto fluctuations.

I tried to get some friends of mine to come over here, but although the content created was really top notch, feedback was almost zero, and after a week you can't even upvote content anymore, so that was it.

Steemit is an experiment, it has its merits. But those in power, that is the 0.01%, refuse to exploit and open up the HUGE potential of it. They even degrade it by removing the views.

In stead of building out the platform, developers and witnesses join forces to cripple and sabotage the platform and chase away accounts with differing opinions.

Even its "creator" has deserted Steemit...

You’re talking in terms of shoulds and should nots and not looking at the facts. Steemit will always depend on the Crypto aspect and market because it is at its core a blockchain. The only way for Steemit to thrive as a shitposting social media would to remove the incentive for content creators which is the only thing that makes Steemit different apart from the potential lack of government censorship.

But then there are certain people we also don’t want on this platform. On a platform where you can earn legitimate money from anything you post, the kind of shitposting that you’re wanting to be commonplace shouldn’t expect to be able to earn, much less the plagiarism, thievery and copyright infringement that also happens here.

Your continued ranting about things that cannot change about the platform tells me that maybe you’ve overstayed your welcome on a platform not meant for you.

~ Mako

  • But then there are certain people we also don’t want on this platform.

I see you joined this platform in August, so a noob like you has all the wisdom in the world. Are you sure you're not just another fake double account ?

A bit more than you, apparently. I've actually studied the platform and the mechanics behind it, and either you got the TL;DR version or didn't so...

~ Mako

It seems you have not read my reply. I know people coming to Steemit, posting really great HQ artistic posts, getting no feedback and then dissapear because nobody can upvote you after 7 days. What's the point of something silly like that?

If you think witnesses creating !popcorn nonsense is not equal to shitposts...

7 days in a content cycle is old news. Keep creating content, stay fresh. If you want to upvote content after 7 days, comment on it instead. Do you know how many short-stories I've posted since joining Steemit in August? I'd love it if I got a comment on one of my first, that would mean that someone went back and read through them. The 7 day voting cycle is the least of Steemit's problems.

And no, I'm not going to defend !popcorn content, but the simple reality of it is that those people have earned their stake and kinda get to do what they want with it. There's literally zero way to change that, so you're wasting your time and breath worrying about it.

~ Mako

Seems like someone might have pissed off themarkymark and patrice, I wonder why.

~ Mako

have you noticed @badcontent has downvoted my comment on the 7 day limit solution?


Why does he do that?

Do you think it may be due to the low price of STEEM?

I think the low price of Steem is caused by the desinterest of people.

If your platform sucks and other platforms are free and easier and you see people get bullied for no reason then you know elsewhere is probably better.

What if a start is made by everybody flagging badcontent. I'm sick and tired of seeing them everyhwere, on god knows how many posts each day.

ThemarkyMark told me a few days ago that he is not associated with them and is also fed up of them. So, let's all show them that we are fed up. But, just one or five people doing so is not of much use. Make it that we are a hundred each day flagging their comments and let's see how long they last. It would also stand as a warning to others who are taking this bullying to extremes.

I do not agree about the other names - patrice has helped many and steemcleaners has actually managed to correct the situation when bullies flag those with smaller Rep. I've only rarely seen cheetah unfairly comment. To me, badcontent is the badcontent of Steemit and we need to get rid of them.

Now let's go to


and take a close look at its members

cleaners members.jpg

  • What if a start is made by everybody flagging badcontent. I'm sick and tired of seeing them everyhwere, on god knows how many posts each day.

  • ThemarkyMark told me a few days ago that he is not associated with them and is also fed up of them.

Wow, if that's indeed what he told you... I think he was trolling you

Well, as for Cheetah, he has joined in @themarkymark with his crusade of AMN @amnlive, a Libanon based pro Syrian, "pro Russian" News Channel.

On Twitter they can post without any problem:

But here on Steemit it was first @themarkymark who started blacklabeling this posts an since a couple of months, @anyx @cheetah bot has joined the crusade by systematically downvoting the posts of AMN.

When I first asked themarkymark about why he does this (after he put me on his blacklist after I made aparody of his @badcontent bot on an AMN article), he replied with," I don't know maybe because they post like 60 times a day?"

Very poor answer, we are used to get from him.

@anyx stays silent about his @cheetah bot downvoting @amnlive.

When you search "syria" as tag, you will see AMN is almost the only one who is posting about what is going on there on the ground.

But apparently this does not please some of the so called "witnesses" here on Steemit?

Why are non-mainstream views on geopolitics unwanted on Steemit?

You answer it yourself.

I have made a comment at @amnlive - that is as far as I can go.

I find the attacks against Syria evil...not so much that ISIS and Saudis do, as that the West does, since they are the only Arab country which has been tolerant of Christians and even protected them. It is also criminal that their antiquities are deliberately destroyed - in the hope of leaving them without visual reminders of their glorious past. Even should they succeed, in will not be that easy for them to destroy the memories Syrians keep close to their heart. case many who come here do not know, most Arabs hate the Turks as they have a long history of Turkey trying to enslave them as the Ottoman Empire. One of those who fought them off was Syria - which explains why Turkey hates them and is even willing to work with their enemy Israel, so as to destroy them.

that's a wise decision, don't get caught up in this informationwar if not needed. spend your time and effort wisely.

no he made badcontent

it is quiet funny how they operate with their members and partners free to spam posts and Farm rewards from copy pasting/spinbot accounts as much as they please

it may be funny as a spectator, but if you yourself are targettedn or you see them targetting posts for no reason, and you see all these top witnesses covering these abusive witness guys' asses...

it's not funny at all

sorry @pagandance i was meaning its funny thats how the system operates, or how the gatekeepers operate farming rewards like theres no tomorrow and selective downvoting those they dislike

i was on the end of for a while myself last year only being on the site a few weeks and discovering a pump and dump i tried to notify others like the steemcleaners about since there terms then said they dealt with scams swiftly changed when the bitconnect scam was uncovered and they couldn't take responsibility for allowing the thousands to get scammed

dont worry though im sure bitcoin will continue to fall and steem will be pennies later in 2019 so save up for that time and then can fight :)

This user is on the @buildawhale blacklist for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Spam
  • Plagiarism
  • Scam or Fraud
  • Low quality content

Correlation != Causation

Correlation != Causation