'Full metal garb' - Teacher describes masked gunman at Florida school shooting

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On February 14th 2018 in south Florida, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Stacy Lippel was 20 feet from a gunman firing 'barrages' of bullets into classrooms and down the hallway.

According to this teacher the shooter was dressed like the police with body armor, helm and face mask. So now we are suppose to believe Nikolas Cruz packed up all this gear which by no way could fix in just one backpack he must of been packed like he was going on vacation, called an uber, found a spot hidden from the public to change into this 'full metal garb', went into the high school wearing this, shot up the place for a few minutes, took all the stuff off, ran out with other students and first thing on his mind is to grab soda and a burger at the nearest fast food joint.

All that seems pretty hard to believe. The BIG question I have is...

Where's this Uber driver and why hasn't he come forward yet?

Why isn't the media all over this mysterious Uber driver and trying to find out who he is to get a new angel on what the shooter's behavior was prior to entering the high school.

Here's Cruz being arrested walking home after spending precious minutes getting a soda at Subway and then going to McDonalds for a burger. You would think he'd be trying to get as far away as possible from that school after just murdering a bunch of people. What happened to the body armor and helmet he was wearing?

How come these police are carrying a large bag to an unmarked police truck. I don't think it's a body bag but I looks heavy the way the two officers are carrying it. Why are they taking evidence out of the school?

This student says he talked to Cruz as he was leaving the building as the gun fire was still happening and he didn't have a gun at the time. The media is ignoring this important eyewitness account.

Lots of things do add up here. Where's this Uber driver? Why did the first law enforcement on scene these four sheriffs deputies stand down? Why is the media focusing only on four students and pushing gun control so hard in this case?

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The official story simply does not make sense. This is more likely:

Cruz walked out with the other students during the fire alarm, leaving to Walmart for a soda and hanging out McDonald's for a while. He's arrested on his way back. And all the students say they are not surprised it's him. Except of course the student who was walking with him (unarmed) while the shooter was actively shooting! This kid get's tackled and is like "hey, what's the big idea? You got the wrong guy."

Transcript from the Teacher

"I suddenly saw the shooter about 20 feet from me, standing at the end of the hallway, activley shooting down the hallway, just a barrage of bullets. And I'm staring at him thinking Why's the police here? This is strange, he's in full metal garb, helmet, face-mask, bullet-proof armor. Shooting this rifle that I've never seen before."

Where is the weapon? Where is the body armor? Where is the face mask?


Yet again, we have a mass casualty event, wherein the official story is, on its face, provably false.

Looked like a person in the bag to me. When they lay it in the truck, it looks like someone laying on their side with their knees drawn up.

They need to account for this, IMHO.


It may seem far-fetched, but I wonder if it was a mindcontrolled berzerker who shot up the classrooms then shot himself. While the kids are being evacuated out the other side of the building, the police removed the body, gear and weapon from the crime scene on to the white truck (as witnessed by the live footage). They later arrested Cruz on his way back to the students (after grabbing a soda) and went from there. Still no murder weapon officially named. All we've heard is "a rifle I didn't recognize." Not an AR-15, the most recognizable weapon known today. @ironshield

I'd like to point out that I'm not making an accusation that there's a person in the bag when I note that's what it looks like. I do reckon that the contents of the bag need to be accounted for, if only to establish that it wasn't a person.

The experiences of the English teacher are hugely important in my view. She states she saw a shooter in what sounds like police tactical gear, which Cruz appears not to have had.

As the story unfolds it gets more sinister.

Idk what’s going on but this is getting bad. You should see the gun regulations that was introduced in MN yesterday. If it went through, we would seriously move.

I think there would be a new push for the western half of the state to break away from the eastern half if they passed new gun control laws.

His dad is county commissioner and he’s in the cities now for some meetings. He said he’ll threaten to succeed if they think about passing that garbage. But look at California. That’s not working for them.