Decentralized News Hour EP 8 - With @truthforce and @wakeupnd

in informationwar •  2 months ago

Latest episode with @truthforce and I talking about a number to political topics.

Topics we discussed:

Trump building the wall using money from the military. I think most people would agree that we need to do something about the illegal immigration problem. I brought up a point that most people don't talk about and that is helping these "political refugee/asylum seekers" in their own country rather than bringing them into the United States. Which could be more effective because the dollar is more valuable in these countries. So instead of giving one refuse tens of thousands of dollars in welfare in the US that money could probably help dozens of poor people in their own country instead of just that one lucky person.

Another topic was big tech censoring Alex Jones and other conservatives. Should these big tech companies be broken up, are they too big and what can Trump do about this. I brought up the point that this might be part of a larger plan the globalist have for demonizing conservatives or anyone that doesn't believe the main stream media.

We also talked about the Joe Rogan and Elon Musk podcast and the controversy over Musk smoking weed in it and how the media is just completely exaggerating what they really talked about in the podcast. I think it was pretty tame compared to other podcasts Joe Rogan has done with other people in the past.

Anyways that's most of what we talked about on the podcast plus a few smaller topics. Please like and subscribe if you want to support the show.

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