Alex Jones tells Marco Rubio to go back to his bathhouses

in informationwar •  4 months ago

Alex Jones was in Washington DC today to confront the big tech companies that banned him off their platforms and Jones interupted Rubio's interview to complain that Republicans aren't doing enough to protect free speech. This is pretty entertaining clip where Rubio denies he even knows who Alex Jones and threatens Jones when he pats him on the back saying "Don't touch me man...I'll take care of you myself" Then when Rubio had enough and starts walking away Jones says go back to your bathhouses, compromised bathhouses. During the the 2016 elections there were some rumors that Marco Rubio attended gay foam parts back in college.

I think what Jones did here to show up at these hearings with the big tech companies and expose that they themselves are meddling in election manipulation by censor Jones and others of their platforms was a brilliant move on his part. Getting into this argument with Rubio has forced the main stream media to acknowledge why he's there.

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That was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I'm thinking about making a world star edit for that clip lol, if some one beats me to it they get a resteem out of me for sure lol!

PS Rubio and (and Cruz for that matter) fall into that phony politician category that I can never fully trust, I will admit this is the most "real" I've seen him and he is still full of shit imho..

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Rubio (what a piece of turd by the way) is just another critter CONgressman. He should tender his resignation immediately due to the many crimes he's participated in;they are all listed in here:

The Declaration of Congressional Incompetence


These treasonous traitors will be exposed soon enough...

Haha something about Jones screwing with Rubio brings me joy.

I like Rubio, but in this instance Jones is right. I think most Republicans are glad to have AJ silenced. Who knows about the bathhouse comment.

I’m not sure what I think of any politician at this point. That whole getup was ridiculous. Do they even allow you to be in office if you legitimately care about the people?


I think all the establishment politicians on the left and right are compromised and controlled by big multi-national corporations.


Indeed. Check out my post below for the proof..