VR Walmart And The Gaming Of Society


Hello again steempeople and everyone else. So I recently learned that Walmart is making virtual reality shopping a thing with them. Isn't that fantastic? Maybe all the walmartians stay home now. Nah, no they won't...Anyways, this is post isn't really about Walmart, it's about VR and how society will be drawn into a virtual society. A way of opening up the world to everyone as well as separating and closing them off from the real world, and that's a very important aspect here imo. Isolating humanity from the natural world. A sort of voluntary matrix system.

Here's the article link that caused me to make this post.

Getting off your ass to a store (albeit a fucking Walmart), to at the very least pick out the food that is grown, snipped and shipped at your convenience. That's too much! Well now you can do it virtually and avoid even the minimal amount of exercise. Now you can avoid all that pesky social interaction that accompanies the act of going to a store and purchasing goods.

What are the implications here? Imagine if you will, where all shopping became virtual. Your every movement in the virtual realm tracked and recorded. Granted this is happening now in the real world via your smart phones. But not on the level they (the powers that shouldn't be) want it to be on. They want inside your head, and until they can get that brain chip into your head, VR will the next stepping stone to that eventually.

Now you can imagine that cryptocurrency will make its way into this VR world, without a doubt. Much like that concept in "Ready Player One" (never watched it) where they work in the virtual world in order to afford to live in the real world. The cashless social credit system achieved in the real world, will integrate in the VR world and vice versa.

"Ready Player One Trailer"

"One Game to rule us all: A Life Oasis"

Now consider that since social credits will be directly affected by your behavior in both the real and virtual world. You can understand that your access to products and services may be limited or completely denied based on your behavior and social reputation in both society.

We see examples of a society like that in predictive programming like in the Black Mirror episode Nosedive

Here you see how they want to turn life into a video game.

"Most disturbing presentation ever: our tech nightmare ("Skinner box") Dice 2010"

🎵Oh Canada! With behavioral rewards for thee!🎵

It begins canadian gov rolls out points to reward 'good' citizens

"Points for good behavior: Canadian Government Introduces the Creepiest App Ever"

Great article and videos by @corbettreport videos of The Corbett

"You Are Being Gamed"

Want more?


"In most countries, the existence of a credit system isn't controversial. Past financial information is used to predict whether individuals will pay their mortgages or credit card bill in the future.

But China is taking the whole concept a few steps further. The Chinese government is building an omnipotent "social credit" system that is meant to rate each citizen's trustworthiness." -source

3 years later...


"Chinese President Xi Jinping is ready to usher in an expanded era of restricted travel for citizens with poor “social credit” scores.

Citizens who habitually run afoul of a host of social norms in China have until May 1 to get their acts together or face curbed travel options. The Supreme People’s Court has posted signs detailing a new system based on the philosophy “once untrustworthy, always restricted.” - source


The age of the brick-and-mortar retail is in rapid decay. This was of course intentional, the last thing wanted now is people out and about among other People! I'm one of the most anti-social humans you will ever meet but wen I can see the objectives behind virtual reality and social media. It's about isolating and tracking and accessing all your thoughts.

Like I mentioned earlier VR is just another step before getting that computer chip put into your brain. Transhumanism is the next step, that's the end game, that's how they gain complete control over the population.

Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age

"Michio Kaku - Are you prepared for the future?"



"Enter the matrix: Transhumanism Exposed

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to add any questions/thoughts into the comments section below.



I've been warning of this for at least twenty years .. an age where we have lost any semblance of freedom but placate ourselves with own own faux digital nirvana .. a brave new world on steroids, although one where personalised algorithms replace human contact and allow the user to live out (and justify) their wildest fantasies and beome masters within their own mind .. great post my friend.

Thanks @perceptualflaws everything they told us will happen, is happening (albeit in a more technically advanced variation)

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