Tulsi Gabbard, she is just as bad as every other politician

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Just because she is speaking out against Hillary Clinton or fighting back on twitter against "establishment" doesn't mean anything. She is doing so to seize an opportunity to implement MANY bad policies and here are just a few.


Her policies are shit and just her stance on citizenship for all dreamers will dramatically turn this country from a 1st world country into a 3rd world country. The little greatness or freedoms the USA has remaining depend on the culture enforcing them, when our culture is changed so much by importing other cultures we won't have those freedoms anymore.

Democrats need millions of immigrants brought in each year to replenish their voting base. By doing this they are slowly turning American Culture into Syrian Culture, or Iraqi Culture, or Saudi Arabian Culture, or Mexican Culture. Growing up all of the food packages had English words on it, then later in my life I started noticing it also has Spanish on it too... Eventually this American experiment is going to fall apart because a bunch of fucking idiots think you can bring millions of people from other countries year after year infinitely and keep our culture intact. It has never worked ANYWHERE in past history in any civilization, EVER.

Western values are going to be destroyed because a bunch of people want to be "nice" and "welcoming" and "not appear racist", when there is absolutely nothing racist about having a preference to keep your own culture. Do you start moving into Japan and call them racist for not bending to your culture? No. Are a bunch of Westerners moving into Syria and demanding the country change to fit their culture? No. Its so one sided and laughably pathetic the attitude half of the USA holds towards immigration. There is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain a western culture and having your own preferences, the MSM/schools/Dems/Repubs have brainwashed you into thinking you NEED to bring in millions of low skilled workers to be your indentured servants who do all the "jobs americans won't do". Remind me again, how many tens of millions of babies were aborted who could be "doing jobs americans won't do?" and how many illegals are here?

Its estimated there is between 22 million and 50 million illegal immigrants and their offspring in this country, with having about 56 million abortions since Roe V Wade. The govt program is to replace western culture with other cultures who vote for big govt so the corruption can keep going. If we didn't have any abortions those babies who were killed could "do jobs americans just won't do".

And that isn't to say America is perfect or great or whatever, I am just commenting on a specific slice of a narrow topic and focusing just on this part.


Any thing that is for all is bad really bad. It may be free Med but there just isn't enough to avoid long wait time. Quoting some radio program I heard a while back on CBC Radio one, it goes something like about 1/3 of Canada health care goes to (terminal illness) end of life care. Well if new born baby has to wait for treatment or otherwise healthy people has to wait for hip/knee replacement then I think the allocation of funding to services is very debatable.
I think giving people fixed amount of med voucher per year that they have a choice to choose on what they wish to spend on and in the same time create some price / quality competition to replace this monopoly that people don't even know how much is charged would be good.

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I don’t agree with Tulsi on a single thing, yet she’s still better than the top 3 candidates.

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I think all of them are terrible and we shouldn't have a such thing as a President. Whoever gets into power does what they want and are never held accountable, despite "having systems and legal procedures to do so" it almost never happens to politicians and big corporations/elites.

Of course she is a politician they do what they do, but in this case her words can help take down the Clintons and their Pals, so let her do her work.

That's just the problem, everyone is always talking and going on MSM media shows and nothing happens. This political theater just keeps going giving people false hope something will happen because it is being talked about. The Clintons are going to live in their mansions and jet set around and continue to do their bullshit, live for another few decades probably, and pass away peacefully in their sleep one day from old age.

If Trump truly wanted to do something against the Clintons he could have fired all of the Obama DOJ/employees, put his people in, and immediately have investigations started. He talked a big game and never did it. The one guy who was getting everyone riled up hardcore for it and he never did it. If he doesn't do it before he leaves office it just goes to prove yet again politicians are above the law.

I totally get there is an "awakening" going on and normal people are starting to find out about the Clintons and deep state, but it does need action and I am not seeing that happen.

yeah Trump doesn't want to do anything about either and neither does the MSM.

However as you stated... there is an awakening.

I'm not a fan of Tulsi, I am a fan of more people figuring out the news is broken, the political system is broken and things are not how they seem.

Happy National Period Day is trending on Twitter. LOL, you can't make this up.

There needs to be enough space to allow for everyone to exit the union if they so wish. Right now we have two cats tails tied together (R & D) with the spoils going to the winner every 4 years. Most of the time that win is imaginary gains for the voters in the form of puffed up ego fooling them into thinking something was accomplished when nothing has changed.

The USA started with illegal aliens arriving from mostly Europe. Those "shared values" were debated in the early days. Assertion of borders is always about control. The problem is that we accept legal fictions such as imaginary country borders to have any legitimacy. Only personal property borders matter and they must be fought with arms. Nature decreed this to be the case. When was the last time you saw a deer sue a lion for eating one of its family?

The USA didn't start with illegal aliens arriving from anywhere because there wasn't any laws against people coming here, so it wasn't illegal.

"Only personal property borders matter and they must be fought with arms."

That's how the Native Americans thought and acted, that didn't work out for them and they ended up losing everything. Too much decentralization = death by a centralized force.

Same as how Walmart made tons of decentralized businesses go out of business. A centralized force with tons of people behind it will eventually take over a decentralized disorganized people, given a great length of time.

Unfortunately this kind of centralized force is also what made thing like the A-bomb possible. Dictator is the ultimate centralized power so you see that the like of Hitler, Stalin, Mao kill a huge amount of people. I would argue this two edged sword may be too dangerous for everyone's own good.

Yes. If we fail to rid ourselves of the parasites who make it possible to do this, extinction is only a matter of time. Somebody will eventually slip up if they have the power. No human should be allowed this power which is built upon statist superstition that resembles quasi religious dogma, such as prayers (pledge of allegiance), etc. The brainwashing needs to stop or we all die.

Don't stumble over legal fictions. Recognize truth by actions and not words. The original settlers of this country were no more legal than those that came before except by decree and use of force, while bamboozling the stupid with fancy papers while wearing fancy costumes. The reality is that we invaded and had superior technology. Natural law is the only consistent law.

I was just responding to what you said, you said they were illegal.

Power and use of force is natural law, is that what you are referring to?

Sometimes I have to use the fucked up language of statists to explain their hypocrisy. They are known as "illegal aliens". This is the stupid label worn by humans who exist on the wrong side of an imaginary border as dictated by thugs wearing costumes and badges. These measures are about mind control to help confuse you as to the real source of their power which is economic and militaristic. It's essentially saying, "this is mine, not yours", which is only valid when it comes to personal property and this can only be backed up by force or by brainwashing which the state does very well.

Hey, @truthforce. Just seeing if you got my other reply.

Tulsi is the "good cop" ;)
Yes, it's the speed they are bringing in immigrants.... same thing in Europe.
But you can never blame one group of people.
They are like the ball in a flipper game.
It's all and always has been "Divide and Conquer"
Check my song "Trap" ;)
Please support the fight against geoengineering. Thank you!

She would not be in the "news" if She was real and organic. Only the actors They choose make that stage. And it is - literally! - a stage. The government is a foreign-owned corporation, and no corporation would let Jo(e) Public choose its CEO. Seriously. They do create the illusion that We have any say, of course...

I suggest it is high time We solve for the problem of psychopaths in control who write the play, cast the characters, and direct from the wings. And speaking of wings... Both are controlled by the same dirty bird, dividing Us and keeping Us fighting One anOther, rather than focusing on the Ones who are duping Us.

I offer a solution in My playlist on YouToilet (a more apt appellation than "YouTube"): https://www.youtube.com/c/AmaterasuSolar

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