Universal Basic Income is a Tool for Creating an Obedient Class of Serfs

I know some folks read the title and balked at the headline. Maybe their reaction was so strong they clicked away from the post as fast as they could. Well, that’s fine, as the allure of free money is a powerful spell, one that is very difficult to shake. Free money is just as powerful an idea as free health care and a free college education.

It’s a popular concept among college kids -- this is because people who are attending college have become so riddled with debt their only hope for the future is without them having to pay for it the old fashion way, with years of blood, sweat, and tears.

The educational system programs children K-12 that they must attend college to get gainful employment. That somehow after receiving a magical piece of paper they’ll become well equipped and better qualified for a high-paying job. Sometimes this is true, yet there are also many people who slip through the cracks.

They’ll spend a fortune on a college education, then they’ll major or minor in a garbage degree which hasn’t a chance in Hades of translating to the job market. The result is a double whammy whereby one finds them self with a job that does not pay well. Besides that, a debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

College kids are the target market for whom a free basic income is most desirable. It is because the thought of dedicating the next umpteen years of one’s life to pay for a worthless education has become so unappealing they’ll resort to digging themselves in even deeper for another hit of the opiate that is free money.

Yet, free money has always been the worm on the hook. Similar to college loans and credit card loans the curse of easy money can easily get us into a position where the future can look hopeless and often impossible. In the below video Jerry Day explains why we should avoid the universal basic income trap, and how its implementation would translate into reality.

VIDEO: YouTube.com/user/minivanjack

Most interesting was when he went into the concept of how this money is deployed as a tool for behavior modification. Are you anti-vax? Well, in a dystopic future where we're all subjected to a UBI, you may just have to take your damn vaccine or else suffer the consequences of not being able to pay for rent or food.

It might be wise to ask yourself just how much liberty you'd
be willing to sacrifice for this so-called "free money"?

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I have always had concerns about UBI, I did work out a way it could work, and will leave that for a post on a later date, though in the current climate, UBI will be just click bait for votes, politicians love to dangle free shit, then never give it, as you know.


Very interesting, i'd like to read your take on it when
you do. If it can work, it would be neat to know how.

Yes, I couldn't agree more with this .. a future control mechanism and a dependent population. I think they're floating these ideas due to the fast approaching 4th industrial revolution i.e the fact it's (eventually) going to eat up a vast array of working-class jobs, but like you say in the longterm a dependent population stands to benefit the few at the expense of the many. The reason they're keeping quiet when these seismic changes are literally knocking at the door, shows how we're being gradually massaged towards a brave new world .. a world that few people realise is forming around them. Equally, through decentralisation .. the potential exists for people to seize the opportunity, cut the chains and create their own worth/wealth. The race to the finish line is on. Great work my friend.


Thank you for the compliment @perceptualflaws
and thank you for your feedback on the matter!

The video is correct. Anyone who has studied the Fed or Dr. Paul understands the infusion of money causes prices to rise. A great book that examines the history of the Fed as well as the rampant inflation/deflation they created in the 70's early 80's needs to read Secrets of the Temple by William Greider.



Nice, hadn't heard of that
one yet. Thx for the link!

I wonder if the Fairtax Act will help us see more about how this might work. It is difficult to shake but there are inherent problems with any system. We need to understand and fight the problems.


Fairest tax I can think of is one that people would pay voluntarily : -)


Yes of course. As Mr. Jefferson said, "We should have zero taxes. In times of need a national retail sales tax would suffice."

Im talkining about the legislation written based on the white paper of lawrence kotlikoff.

The video really helps to put everything into perspective. Taxing someone to provide income is an oxymoron. That was the best part.

Another good pillar to bring down the current system is to just implement the UBI. The awoken will take over and crypto will flourish.


Interesting, I'll have to check into Kotlikoff's
paper. The last point is interesting too, maybe
that would go down like that. Tough to say for
certain. The unnatural system will end naturally,
regardless. It's just a bit of a waiting game.

that's why i think a crypto based ubi at that time will be beneficial. At the very least i will help some people in third world countries, probably it will die later on or the price will be extremely low but at least some average people will earn something.

Ubi in the form of ''real life'' adopted by government and stuff will be a total disaster and a mean to control everyone, i can't see the value in that way

The welfare state is a disaster.
UBI will be even more so.

If we really cared about a safety-net, we would give everyone a room, food and standard clothing.

But, those behind UBI do not even broach such a topic. Their plans are to indenture, to control everyone they can.

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If a society expects to be ignorant and free, it will be neither.
Benjamin Franklin

That's the problem with welfare churn. They take from everyone, and give back to the obedient.

As they say there is no such thing as a free lunch and UBI and all the other free things from government are not the exceptions. We all must work for a living.