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I have a few posts you may want to
consider for the purposes of curation.
With the contest we'll fashion weapons
that will be used against those who censor.

FFF-SOS Has Infiltrated Steemit!
FFF-SOS 'Patient Zero' Petitions @randowhale
Create Memes Against Steemit Censorship! – $25.00 SBD in Prizes!

FFF-SOS is not a competing entity, I'm not asking for or looking for delegations. I'm just here to propose a decent Creed for Steemians to live by. Along with the notion that we must respond to censorship on this platform, if we are to preemptively save the platform.

The contest will be active until the 31st. Sponsor one of the prize winners and @informationwar will be listed as one or more of the sponsors. In three days I will not be able to edit the post.

Thank you for your consideration, I hope that informationwar will consider joining.

FFF-SOS (patient zero & fellow infowarrior)


Hi, this is @stevescoins

we have been discussing the possibility of dedicated flagging and our own "response" capability

The promise of the FFS-SOS looks like a welcome addition to Steemit

we are running a Discord channel to which you are invited if you'd like to discuss this with our IW community at large

or you can find me on Discord personally ;)

Thank you for the invitation @stevescoins

It sounds very interesting, I'll definitely check into it!

Hey thoughts-in-time

If you would like to help support the informationwar you could check out our post here about following the curation trail, your account would upvote on things that we vote on! You would be helping build up others and yourself at the same time :)

Check it out here

Thanks, @truthforce writing

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