"It is not a normal virus you might find in the wild."

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Archived Article.


Also a reminder of what might be going on with the cell phones.


Alright so what this means is we know for sure the origin of the virus now. And it is not a normal virus you might find in the wild.


you still quote sources refering as the gov as on our side? are you that deaf? think, who is protecting andrew windsor? jimy savile buddies? those raped by the 1000's across uk towns? who?


rest assured of one thing, invader, is that, how hard china is being by this bio attack, and the previous, it only reinforce our certitude, that you, the westerners need eradication.

why did your ancestors had to invade the forbidden city? and why haven't you changed? because it's your nature... we are sorry for what is going to fall on you, but as darkness is the only thing you understand, that until you aren't lead to misery and destruction you will still seek to occupy china, we have no choice but to win.

and rest assured we will, one day.

  1. buffering and absorption, until your full set is known, then.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. China's leaders will be drone striked and instantly killed if we see a hot war. So shills are fighting a useless game.

China is absolutely fucked. Not only will the virus ravage your population for years to come but the entire world is going to be absolutely pissed off.

Learn to contain bio weapons in the future.

On that note : Learn to change your culture while you are at it. It became incompatible now.

LoL... planning a 5 army strike again? never been better prepared, I hope, you will not have to learn it the hard way.