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Not going to comment on this post, but if you've been following dystopiausa.com over the last coupla weeks, he predicts the Trump Storm will crest this upcoming week. If you haven't, give this article a loo-see and start reading the rest.

The Storm, Week 4: Cresting (Sticky Post, Check Often for Updates)

Alwaleed Might be the Whole Deep State Enchilada, Folks


Wells Fargo, Oracle Leave Podesta Group


Saudi Arabia
Al Waleed
Khalid al-Mansour
King Salman
Huma Abedin
Uranium One

There is a lot of data in this link, which is cross referenced with his older posts.

fair warning, one reason I am fast to share this analysis with you is that it confirms my own biases...as ALWAYS, do your own confirmation and vetting

This share is all for me right now, gotta hit the hay - IF I have time tomorrow I'll try to summarize this series of posts and add in some info of my own

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It's definitely happening.

Takedown Of The Clinton Crime Syndicate Begins — Steemit https://steemit.com/clinton/@fighterone/takedown-of-the-clinton-crime-syndicate-begins


good catch - I reSteem from here (@stevescoins), and I'll curate the post from @informationwar tomorrow!


Thanks @stevescoins. I've done the same for your article as well.


Already got it.

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yes agreed