How I Spot An Enemy Agent On Social Media

in #informationwar2 years ago (edited)

This is just a quick little video. A Vlog really. How can we tell who is an average person online and who is a agent of deception. Who is one of us and who is of the system we struggle against? Well, here are three things I've noticed than let me know who is who online. What have you noticed? How do you tell the difference?

Let's play a game of how to spot the enemy.

Embedded Original Video Created On YouTube By @squirrelbait...

Thanks For Watching!!!!

Please leave comments below on how you tell who is who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • I always try to double check the sources of my info that concern me and my location... It's the basics of an Intelligence cycle.
  • Although alarm bells do ring with some little traits....
  • Yeah i know what you mean about 'belt-fed content'. I think to myself sometimes how the hell do they manage to churn out those posts every day, or even two or three times a day? Maybe they just are not checking their sources and want to just 'POST' for the sakes of posting.
  • I do check links, and ive seen some pretty tenuous links out there too.

Credibility is everything. Mostly i double check everything from a number of different sources.

Agreed. We have to check those links and do a search ourselves!

Yes yes funny HA HA! All you want for Christmas was your two front teeth. I couldn't resist! Honestly I really don't notice your teeth.

I honestly think there is some writers cult out there somewhere writing material for some of these "artists." Like even Adam Kokesh. I suspect him of being a tool.

I notice my teeth in EVERY VIDEO! Maybe it's cuz I'm looking at myself. They are just sooooo big. Well, Michael Jackson had the glove. I have my rabbity squirrel teeth. Fits I guess. LOL

Howdy squirrelbait! Hey I never noticed your teeth, I think they're fine, I don't think they're bunny teeth! lol. I don't have a clue on how to spot anyone!

Really?! My rodent teeth sure stand out to me! I am so glad people are so wrapped up in what I'm saying and talking about not to notice. Cool! Thanks.

haha! it's very true so don't be self conscious about them, they AREN'T rodent teeth! lol. that's so funny..they are just a little larger in front but lots of people's are. now I'm gonna be staring at your teeth to see if they're noticeable!

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