Going Sideways: MasterCard And Google Team Up To Mind Your Business - Steemit Embedded Video

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Welcome to Going Sideways. This is a video series about current events that affect our preparedness and our freedom. News articles and current events are discussed from a Squirrel Bait point of view. Links are always provided so you may read any information presented for yourself which I encourage you to do.

Think for yourself and question everything!

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Thanks so much!!! People need to start minimizing their digital footprints. Stop using credit cards for sure.

Good Job @squirrelbait Question Authority !! YARRRrrrrr!


Thanks. I find it spooky! 👻 I'm glad we shop with cash most of the time.

I am not surprised...
It's getting to the point where i will start avoiding going on-line altogether...
Insidious collection.


It's down right creepy man! Facial recognition, credit card monitoring, user IDs, etc all working together it looks like to me. Creepy! A Sci-Fi nightmare all without full disclosure, or any disclosure really, of it to the public. That all seeing eye..........