We are now reduced to legal double talk; enough time and money wasted, go back to your real jobs!

in informationwar •  last month

The Democratic Judiciary Chairman Representative Nadler admits that he is relying on a CNN interview, where a man did not deny that he had spoken with President Trump...WTF? This is a crock of fecal matter, and NOT evidence. They are so consumed with hate they are officially insane, IMHO! Reality, and the planet Earth; no longer have anything in common with these fools!

It is now, apparently a crime if you do not, in a loud voice4, deny that you have spoken with President Trump! If the even believe you have they intend to lock you up and throw away the key, for the unforgivable sin of being conservative. They will destroy you, your family, your estate, and if they can manage it, probably your pets too!


So when do we stop destroying good people for petty politics? Why have we not demanded a special council to investigate the Clintons or the Obamas? Why isn't the FBI investigating the pedophile pizzagate ring? With so much real crime present, why are we wasting time and money where there is NO crime ( it would have come out in a lot less time than this)? How do these human garbage monsters remain safe, and in power?

If we have to rely on inferred answers, by lack of answering; as our best evidence, IT IS TIME TO CLOSE THIS "INVESTIGATION"; restore the Rule of Law, and to send President Trump a written apology!

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