Violence from liberal goons is met by frustration on a British commuter train platform, complete with a beat down!

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A group of protesters called the Extinction Rebellion in Briton are imitating the anti fa goons over here, and using violence as a political tool!

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Extinction Rebellion has been disrupting transportation; in London, and some other places in Great Britain. The believe that climate change (used to be called Man Made Global Warming) is so advanced that the only way to save mankind, is to use violence in direct rebellion against the government. The were surprised recently when they tried to disrupt a commuter train. The commuters, seeing that they were to be made late; dragged these protesters off of the train, and beat them up! They were then arrested....

The incident has caused some soul searching among the protestors, described as a loose coalition of organizations and individuals. It is one thing, the discussion goes, to target automobile traffic. It is quite another to disrupt the London Tube system, the British capital’s system of underground trains similar to the New York subway system. The Tube is considered to be more environmentally benign than private automobiles.

The British Transportation Police is expressing concerns that the commuting public is starting to take the law into their own hands. However, the uprising by ordinary people against the protestors seems to suggest that people are getting frustrated about the inability of law enforcement to suppress the Environmental Rebellion and its attempt to disrupt transportation in London. Londoners may be sympathetic or not to the cause of combating climate change, but they also have families to feed.

Their methods are certainly in question here, and their science is a joke! It is just not a very funny joke...and I am not laughing, I hate bad science.

Extinction Rebellion believes, therefore, unless drastic action is taken, climate change is going to end the human species. Even among those who believe climate change is a serious problem that needs addressing now, that view is considered extreme. It stems from the idea being presented by activists such as Greta Thunberg and American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that we must act now, or the destruction of the human race will be unstoppable within 10 to 12 years.

The amazing thing is that were this time line accurate, temperatures would need to be jumping 3 to 5 degrees, per year, every year, and that might not be enough to actually threaten mankind in a dozen years. It would move us north, away from the equator, but it would only be a little hotter here than it is in Las Vegas normally.

That said, the actual data does NOT support even a one degree change per year. These people are scientific Idiots, and they deserve a good beat down, like they got at the commuter train!

As far as the 97 % consensus of "scientists" that agree on climate change:

The following information comes from Chapter 3 (titled “Pulled from Thin Air”: The 97% “Consensus”) of the book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change (The Politically Incorrect Guides), by Marc Morano.

To get the 97% ‘consensus’ on global warming and its human causes, out of 77 it was 75 for and 2 against – hence, 97%. This is from a 2009 survey by the University in 2009 of 10,257 earth scientists, using only two ‘loaded” questions, neither mentioning carbon dioxide emissions at all, and less than a third of that 10,257 actually took the online survey. All but 77 of those who responded were ignored (77 were included out of approximately 3,400).

The two researchers at the University of Illinois who conducted the survey, were also the ones to decide to tally the opinions of only 77. The seventy-seven included: geologists, oceanographers, paleontologists, and geochemists.

Excluded from the ‘consensus’ were: solar scientists, space scientists, cosmologists, physicists, meteorologists and astronomers, all of whom apparently gave the ‘wrong answers’. These scientists were likelier to think that global warming was due more to factors other than human activity including the sun or planetary movements.

In other words, if the excluded scientists were included, the 75 number divided by some number over 3,000, somewhat less than one-third of 10,257 the scientists who responded, the percentage of supporters of global warning would be well below 1%.

The actual numbers will be 0.7% of the total scientists asked! Not exactly a consensus among scientists. REAL Scientists are NOT so damn stupid that they can't see the holes in the psedo-science used to support this political agenda!

They make deliberate mistakes that I would have failed at a freshman college level, on lab experiments. Not even subtle errors here, they are gross, glaring ones! Huge mistakes....

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These climate change activists need to do some proper research before they go off on the wrong tangent. Glad the commuters delt with those silly people disrupting there day.

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This beat down was a perfect response to these fools! I was also glad to see them arrested after that beating, LOL!


Unfortunately it is probably the only way they might learn to not disrupt people going about their day.

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Educational beat down, who knew, ROFLOL.

Good way to do it!


Lol yes it might just work.

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IF they were smart...

Which they have proven they are NOT. You just can't beat science into an Idiot's head.

But the beat down was the proper response anyway, LOL! Good for the normal, sane people.


At least the same people would feel better for the beat down on them clowns.

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True, I am kind of jealous, LOL! I would like to have helped....


77 That's it? Why aren't more people talking about this???

Yes, they filtered the results, and cooked the books. They threw out all of the approx. 3400 replies, keeping the 77 they treasured. THEN these 77 were advanced as the total response! Now they quote this montra, that there are NO dissenting opinion in the scientific community; while real scientists are screaming against the total lack of the use of the scientific method!

BUT the MSM will never report anything detrimental to any liberal cause! They will howl this fake number, while their political cronies try to make it illegal to question the pseudo-science of global warming; until intelligent People rise up and shout them down!

They must be shown to be the political hacks they are, and the scientific Idiots they have proven themselves to be!


Sir smithlabs! In the last two sentences did you mean to say that "they make deliberate mistakes that I would NOT have failed"? or am I wrong? I'm confused, that's for sure. I agree, the Brits have to be getting pretty tired of those protestors.

No I meant that if I included mistakes of this nature as a Freshman, I would have received an "F" for that lab. The description of DELIBERATE bad science, done for hire!


Ok. Well the youth are so brain washed from years of public schooling they'll never believe they've been deceived, most of them anyway.

Public schools are a Cancer, and we will be better off when they fail; to be replaced with local control. The NEA and liberals have destroyed our school system, replacing it with a propaganda machine, SMH


Yes, we continually get super low scores compared to testing of other countries. The other day I saw on tv where they were asking people on the street what the three branches of government was and no one knew!

Left, right, and center, right? ROFLOL!

The liberals have made the media into an ad hoc fourth branch!

They also are trying to make the legislative branch the only branch, by seizing control if the executive branch!


Yes, the arrogance of the congressmen is amazing, some of them don't understand the separation of powers concept.

Their arrogance is only eclipsed by their criminal actions! What Vermin we have place in positions of power....