Time, and past time, to refuse to play with the illegal, liberal fishing expeditions; focussed entirely on attacking the POTUS!

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After two years, and millions of tax dollars spent, the liberals have found NOTHING on President Trump! Since he has done nothing wrong, the normal response would be to be pleased, and go back to important business.

The Actual response is more interesting...the liberals have begun multiple parallel attacks focussed on President Trump, fishing for anything they can think of that they can twist into the appearance of wrongdoing. I, for one, am sick and tired of this kindergarten politics from our liberal politicians! It needs to stop, and the business of government needs to be their new priority; since That IS their Actual Job!

Someone needs to just start telling them NO! Someone has begun doing exactly that.

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President Trump's Lawyers refuse to play with the liberals:

Liberals have demanded that President Trump's attorneys provide all the documents taht gave to the Russian Collusion investigation. These attorneys have stated that since they provided no documents for that investigation, they have nothing to provide. They have decided to refuse to comply with these illegal fishing attempts, and I agree with them!

“My attorney responded to the House Judiciary document request within 24 hours—we have none of the requested documents,” Caputo shared with The Daily Beast. “I have testified three times under oath, answering the same questions each time, paying $20,000 to $30,000 each time. I have not yet been invited to testify a fourth time. If I am, I will decline. If I am subpoenaed, I will assert my Fifth Amendment rights. Enough is enough.”

This will make the liberals and their media minions howl at the moon! They continually ignore their legal restrictions in their focus to attack President Trump; yet they CLAIM that President Trump is the one outside the Rule of Law! People are beginning to figure them out, and even on CNN (Communist News Network, IMHO) polls, President Trump's approval numbers are climbing! This is in spite of their best efforts to the contrary.

While Mueller's Trust is tanking, due to finding nothing:

It is about time someone told these liberals...NO!

I am really glad to be seeing it happen NOW, the time is right!

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