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Forget aliens, the stories surrounding the vaccine industry are insane!

WTF am I talking about? Viruses & vaccines. I went down a 90 year old rabbit hole the other day on a podcast and holy shit, it opened a door to some deeply buried secrets surrounding viruses and vaccines that you might learn about in med school or through some deep digging into records of old newspaper stories, but the majority of the public has no idea.

The podcast is called Mysterious Universe and if you want to skip my ramblings here is a link to the episode:

The story, while complex, is fairly easy to follow. It starts back in 1934-1935 with Los Angeles County General hospital workers. In 1934 198 Dr.s, nurses and other healthcare workers came down with a mysterious illness, now known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS)". At first they thought it was polio, but what was odd was their patients weren't coming down with it. After intense research, the culprit was traced back a new polio vaccine.

The vaccine was developed Maurice Brodie with the help of the Rockefeller Institute in a new way, by using mice brain cells. What they didn't understand at the time and the governments and Big Pharma have hid from us since, is that viruses, possibly inert in the mice, made the jump to humans when the humans were vaccinated with the new polio vaccine. This produced CFS in the medical workers. It is also where one of the first cases of autism arose, but that's another story.

A journalist named Hillary Johnson, while doing research for her book Osler's Web , discovered that there was a settlement paid to workers around 1939, a $6,000,000 settlement. There is separate documentation of two Dr.s involved each receiving $2,000,000. Coincidentally the Rockafeller's assets dropped $7,000,000 from $153,000,000 in 1935 to $146,000,000 in 1939. The Rockafeller institute had paid hush money to those affected and gagged them from speaking about the contaminated virus they had been injected with. Speculation is that if word got out people would no longer trust the new science of vaccination and would refuse to be inoculated in the future.

There is a good post I found by @canadiancoconut who wrote more in depth about some of these details -

As polio continued to be a problem so did strange, new diseases, cancers and deaths of doctors, virologists and researchers.

Enter Bernice Eddy, a virologist and epidemiologist. Front row, right side.


Bernice was an important virologist in the 50's and 60's. Working at the NIH she discovered a contaminated polio virus while doing tests for new vaccines in 1954. The incident was known as The Cutter Incident. Bernice found that Cutter Laboratories' vaccine contained live polio virus and had made her test monkeys sick. The NIH director William Sebrell was told about it, but let the vaccines go out to the public anyway. 40,000 children got sick, with several dying. In the scandal that ensued Sebrell resigned and Bernice continued on with her work.

In 1961 another polio vaccine was found to be contaminated. This time with SV40,, a cancer causing virus found in monkeys. Yes, viruses cause some cancers. Dr. Bernice Eddie found the cancerous link when she injected hamsters with SV40 infected cells. It caused all of the hamsters to develop tumors. It was breakthrough, but the NIH decided to remove Bernice from polio virus research and I don't know what happened to her after that. She had made 2 major breakthroughs and the NIH more or less silenced her.

The JFK Assassination Connection

Ok, I am stopping this post here because the stories that follow about scientists and Dr.s ending up dead deserves it's own post. It's partially done and I will finish it for Monday.

"Everything I am about to tell you is documented and it's fucking unbelievable."

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