The More Things Change... Pizzagate Comes Full Circle: Part IV- Connections

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When peeling back the layers of what we have come to know as Pizzagate/Pedogate it's become what resembles as a game of six degrees of separation for institutional pedophiles... a part of that that we'll get to later is what we can call The Red Shoe Society- Tony Podesta and his friends. But Podesta has other friends as well, so we'll begin with them.

Here's Tony (far right) with the recognizable Bill Clinton and to his right convicted pedophile George Nader and to the extreme left a fellow that looks suspiciously like Anthony Weiner. This photo was taken at a resort in the Dominican Republic. The reason I bring this up first is because of something Q posted...

So much is open source.
So much left to be connected.
Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?
How are they smuggled out?
‘Adoption’ process.
Local ‘staging’ ports friendly to CF?
Track donations.
Cross against location relative to Haiti
Think logically.
The choice, to KNOW, will be yours.

(Link to Clinton email)  A warning to Cheryl Mills? It wasn't very much later that Cheryl Mills emailed HRC on behalf of Laura Silsby to intervene when she was caught smuggling 33 Haitian children into the Dominican Republic. The Q post encourages people to "Think logically"... What location is most relative to Haiti? The Dominican Rep. Where was Laura Silsby caught smuggling children? The Dominican Rep. Where were Bill Clinton, Tony Podesta and convicted pedophile George Nader vacationing? The Dominican Rep. Now let's go to who did Laura Silsby work for?

Laura Silsby was the founder of The New Life Children's Refuge, a Baptist humanitarian aid group in Haiti to help after the disastrous 2010 earthquake. The 33 children she was caught with were given to her by Friends of the Orphans another humanitarian agency. Anyone that has been paying attention to this knows that many pedophiles have been arrested from these aid organizations, many attached to the UN... they, unlike Silsby and Friends of the Orphans, didn't have UN Special Envoy Bill Clinton and his wife Sec. of State Hillary Clinton going to bat for them. Most of this is old news and we'll get back to this in a future post when we tie the Maccoby's into the Pizzagate power structure- and that's exactly what it is, a power structure of political and cultural elites who view themselves as the New Aristocracy- people who consider themselves above the law. People, who because of their position in society and politics, have become arrogant and believe they can practice their perverse and decadent lifestyles with reckless abandon. Remember what Q keeps reminding us... "They never thought she could lose" and "these people are sick."


The photo taken at Tony Podesta's birthday party features several of the DC elites... all wearing red shoes. Historically, red shoes have meant two things:  In the XVII and XVIII centuries, under Louis XIV, only aristocratic men had the right to wear red heels. At the time, red ink came from grinding a red insect imported from Mexico, which made it extremely expensive. This clearly separated the haves and the have-nots. Naturally, red heels went out of fashion with the arrival of the French Revolution.Similarly, the elites in the picture clearly consider themselves to be the haves.


Another cultural elite featuring red shoes is Bill Maher, left-wing political hack, pictured also with his friend convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner. Could the red shoes be a sign of pedophilia... a calling card of sorts? The other historical significance of red shoes is religious... showing piousness. Popes and high ranking members of the Catholic Church are also seen wearing red shoes- and the Catholic Church has no shortage of pedophilia allegations. This could be a conscious effort to thumb their nose at piety in the same way that Satanists wear inverted crosses. Then there is this disturbing picture from the Podesta art collection...


Whatever the significance, it does connect many people together... one in particular from the Podesta birthday party has drawn attention- a man named Andrew Kauders, a former Senior Advisor to the US Senator Bob Menendez who came under scrutiny for corruption and allegations of pedophilia. Kauders also has ties to the Clinton Foundation and also RYB Education who came under fire for child abuse in China. RYB is the parent corporation of the Western Pacific Kindergarten in Hong Kong (where he was photographed across the street). He recently stepped down from his position with the Podesta Group. One unusual thing about Western Pacific Kindergarten- all of the students are black rather than Chinese. Both their website and whatever photos I could find show only black students. Could this be a destination for children trafficked out of Haiti? Given that most people in politics these days seem to be "power couples," I checked out Kauders' wife as well. Kauders' wife is Halie Soifer, Director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America and the National Security Advisor to Sen. Kamala Harris, outspoken critic of President Trump. It's a small wonder that Q cautions that this is bigger than anybody thinks.

From 1832- Aug. 10 2018
Re_read drops re: Haiti.
At some point it will not be safe for them to walk down the street.
Fake News?
The World is WATCHING.

Could the red shoes be an emblem of sorts for a global Satanist cabal that involves children in their sick depraved rituals? The more I research the bigger the cabal becomes... PURE EVIL! I have a feeling that 45,000 sealed indictments is only the beginning. Comet Ping Pong, VooDoo Donuts Hollywood are all just part of a culture- a sick, depraved, demented culture that preys on children.




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The Red Shoe Society is involved with Ronald McDonald Childrens Charities.


Good point- one I hadn't considered. MCDonalds, what a great source of kids.

Excellent article. Interesting times indeed.

The Scoundrels need to be put away. And yet many of them seem to be above the law. The party needs to end. Thanks for sharing @richq11


If Trump doesn't do it- It's over!

Hmmmm....very interesting. The children in the photo are wearing red shoes and it does indeed look like Weiner in that photo above.

Roth = Red..................Rothschild = Roth's child

It seems to me the color red has multiple meanings for these people. For example, Red scarves that people use to hang "themselves" from door knobs (sacrifice). It is used in the music industry when someone is initiated into "the club" (red dress = public initiation ritual). Red shoes.......hmm.......

Great research post as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rothschild is actually Roth= red and Schild= shield. I think somebody smarterthan me will have to figure out the red thing!


Ah Yes, I think I read that.

Me too!! I'm no genius by any means. This red shoes thing is Interesting though. The journey of discovery continues. What matters more is that these sickos are preying on people and there are some that people have no idea are sickos. 😎

OK ...from the horse's mouth.....A Masonic Lodge........

Also, yup Hollywood is on board......examples.....goes nicely with masonic black and white......

Dorothy in the wizard of Oz - red shoes - a strong desire (maybe that's why the kids wear them?)
Red Carpet
Even Popes have worn red shoes plain sight our entire lives......

I think the red in general symbolizes the "do as thou wilt". Sacrificing ( hence the color red used), Fame/fortune/power ( self as God), sensual desire ( Indulgence), etc. All things of the great Red One-Satan. Just my take from everything I've seen over the years. Red is the passion of Lucifer.


I'm going to try to leave the Masons out of this... Once I go there it would require a book to do it justice


Hear ya! LOL

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