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RE: More Emerges About The Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin Sex Video: There's No Limit To This Evil

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You hit the proverbial nail on the head... They would be suing the shit out of such a salacious allegation- IF IT WASN'T TRUE! This is just the tip of a very big and disgusting iceberg and this is only the beginning of the exposure.

I also found it interesting that as soon as news of the video's existence came out, there was suddenly announcements about the amazing technology that allows you to put any face on anybody else's body! Having said that, there are equally amazing technologies that allow confirmation as to whether or not they are real!


What would be awesome is if the video gets released, but it doesn't involve sex at all. Torture would be enough. All their "sex tape is faked" means jack squat if a video was released that features no sex.

From what I understand the video is too graphic, I doubt it will ever be seen except by prosecutors, judges, etc.- outside a courtroom. Some people view torture as sex, it's sick, but not all that uncommon I hear.