Pedophile Priests and the Vatican Cover-up

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As the mainstream media continues to cover up pedophilia in elite circles in Washington DC and Hollywood, the rampant pedophilia in the Catholic Church is gradually being exposed, beginning years ago but culminating with the Pennsylvania accusations that have lead back to the Vatican. One benefit of this exposure is that it gets the public attuned to the fact that pedophilia exists at the highest levels of society, first in the church so that when other elements of society are exposed it will come as no big surprise.

New revelations out of the Diocese of Pittsburgh shows that a "ring" of 100 priests had a pedophile/child pornography business going. "The report detailed a predatory ring of priests who manufactured child pornography, shared intelligence on victims and gave large gold crosses to certain boys to mark them as already being 'groomed," for abuse.'" An investigation into this ring of criminal priests was shut down by the County District Attorney as early as 1965. The abuse has continued since. The District Attorney, Robert Masters, said he dropped the investigation because he wanted the Church's help to advance his political career.

The priest involved in the Masters case Fr. Ernest Paone simply relocated to a parrish in a different state even though the diocese knew about his molestation of children since the 1950's. This has been the template for the Church's dealing with pedophile priests, they simple relocate them to a diocese where they aren't known.

More recently in Pittsburgh at least 99 priests have been accused of running a pedophile ring under the apparent auspices of local officials who " refused to explore investigations into the abuse because it was considered 'bad publicity' for the Catholic Church."

"The priests are accused of working together in a predatory ring that was ongoing for years in which they “manufactured child pornography, shared intelligence on victims and gave large gold crosses to certain boys to mark them as already being ‘groomed,’ for abuse,” according to a report from Penn Live."

In Pennsylvania over 1000 victims have come forward to make accusations, in what the Church characterizes as "isolated incidences." These accusations go back to the 1960's and although most have exceeded the statute of limitations, possession of child pornography doesn't. The Grand Jury Report states:

“The report, which covered six of the state’s eight Catholic dioceses and found more than 1,000 identifiable victims, is the broadest examination yet by a government agency in the United States of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. The report said there are likely thousands more victims whose records were lost or who were too afraid to come forward. It catalogs horrific instances of abuse: a priest who raped a young girl in the hospital after she had her tonsils out; a victim tied up and whipped with leather straps by a priest; and another priest who was allowed to stay in ministry after impregnating a young girl and arranging for her to have an abortion.”

Pennsylvania is only one state and just the tip of the iceberg. This report also omits the crimes of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick which anti-Pope Francis has gone to great lengths to cover-up. The MSM has referred to the Pope's refusal to recognize the problem as a "blind spot." Facts, however, show this "blind spot" to be complicity in what has been going on right under his nose since he became Pope. There has been an investigation going on in Rome where police officials have uncovered an immense collection of child pornography... inside the walls of the Vatican.

"As the Catholic Church continue to suppress evidence of institutional child abuse involving high-ranking officials, detectives recently uncovered 'unprecedented' amounts of explicit images and videos of child rape within the Vatican itself. The Vatican Promotor of Justice, Gian Piero Milano, released a report in response to the allegations which he read in full to Catholic Church officials during a judicial ceremony."

"Due to the Catholic Church’s internal investigations protocol, Milano claims he is under no legal obligation to actually name names of people accused of pedophilia and possessing child pornography."

"However, Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See, showed a rare display of openness and named Archbishop Josef Wesolowski [close friend of John Paul II] as one of the accused that had triggered the investigation."

Given that the Vatican Promotor of Justice and the spokesman for the Holy See report to the Pope, it seems incredible unlikely that anti-Pope Francis was/is unaware of the problem that is rampant in his Church. Here are some more of the findings:

"There were more than 160 videos of teenaged boys being forced to masturbate for the camera and perform sex acts on one another."

"In addition, the boys were raped and forced to perform sex acts on adults, as well."

"Wesolowski was tedious and protective of his child porn collection, filing more than 86,000 images into categories in locked folders."

"In addition to the images and videos present on the computer, at least 45,000 others had already been deleted."

"Further, the good Archbishop wanted to make sure he wasn’t without a stash of child porn while traveling, so he took a laptop along on his trips containing, even more, images and videos."

"According to the Guardian, beyond the child pornography cases, Vatican authorities are battling an array of crimes including drug trafficking and money laundering."

"Three drug deliveries addressed to the Vatican were intercepted in 2014, including a packet containing cocaine-filled condoms."

At last a hero has emerged to uncover the abuses within the Church. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, in an 11 page letter condemns anti-Pope Francis as well as many Cardinals in the McCarrick case saying among other things that Pope Benedict had officially sanctioned McCarrick. Francis went on to make McCarrick his "trusted counselor" deferring to him when appointing a number of Cardinals and Bishops in the US. One of these is Chicago's Cardinal Cupich, one of Francis' most vociferous supporters.

"Archbishop Viganò also implicates Cardinals Sodano, Bertone and Parolin in the cover-up and insists various other cardinals and bishops were well aware, including Cardinal Donald Wuerl, McCarrick’s successor as Archbishop of Washington D.C." Cardinal Wuerl was also involved in the cover-ups in Pittsburgh

“I myself brought up the subject with Cardinal Wuerl on several occasions, and I certainly didn’t need to go into detail because it was immediately clear to me that he was fully aware of it,” he writes. The Cardinal’s “recent statements that he knew nothing about it … are absolutely laughable. He lies shamelessly.”

When asked why he came forward, Archbishop Vigano said: “The main reason why I am revealing this news now is because of the tragic situation of the Church, which can be repaired only by the full truth, just as she has been gravely injured by the abuses and coverups. I do this to stop the suffering of the victims and to prevent new victims, and to protect the Church: only the truth can make her free.”

He went on to say: “to discharge my conscience before God of my responsibilities as bishop of the universal Church. I am an old man and I want to present myself to God with clean conscience.”

“The people of God have the right to know the full truth, also regarding their shepherds,” he said. “They have the right to be guided by good shepherds. In order to be able to trust them and love them, they have to know them openly in transparency and truth as they really are. A priest should be a light on a candlestick always and everywhere and for all.”

The link (last on the list) includes the Archbishop's 11 page testimony that calls for the Pope and many Church officials to resign. His life has been threatened and he is fleeing Rome. Vigano has been described by those that know him as a "good and honest man." In his testimony he describes the Vatican as "a fetid swamp." The letter, dated Aug. 22 is only the beginning... "sunlight is the best disinfectant" is true. The Church has been taken over by Satanic forces, but as long as good men like Archbishop Vigano are alive and willing to act there's a chance for redemption. As the rampant pedophilia is exposed at the apex of society- first in the Church and then in Washington, Hollywood and elsewhere around the world society will begin to heal.




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Wow! That is some informationwar material! Beautiful fact map for a healing!

A strong light must be shown on these Religious Rats.


Amen to that... It will open up the door for all the rats!

celibacy is not normal natural ...there are side effects.


I couldn't even imagine...


it has GOT to mess with the mind...
all those horror moans...and no release.

Unfortunately I lived through a similar situation in a church when I was 18. I wasn't abused but an attender. The pastor was caught and admitted to a decade of such behavior. Unbelievably there were people in the church that wanted to keep it quiet. Interestingly enough the bastard just died here a few months ago.


I had an experience hitchhiking when I was 13 with a priest... I hope he learned his lesson!!!

By the way, check out my cloud pics from yesterday- they're pretty cool!

One way or another, I really hope these sick bastards get what they deserve. Reading this makes me so fucking sick. Love and light my ass, these monsters are so covered in darkness nothing could wash them clean.


Just like in the govt there are still a few good people left in the Church- traditionalists. This didn't happen by accident but as part of a plan that began in the beginning of the 20th century by Freemasons and Satanists. This is just one facet, society and government are equally rotten. Look at the LGBT movement that's trying to normalize pedophilia and bestiality.


While we can not know, I would be astounded were this not SOP since long before the Council of Nicea crafted a weapon of empire of the teachings of Jesus, Isa, or Yeshua.

New bad actors arise to replace the old, and we meet the new boss, same as the old boss - until we no longer need, or suffer, bosses.


A world without bosses!!! What a wonderful thought. By the way- Ba'al means "boss." Beelzebub= Ba'al- zebub= Boss, or Lord of Filth


I greatly look forward to meeting you in that free world to come, my friend =)


And I, you!

There is a paradigm shift occurring, and the historical power of institutions to control people and society is ending, because it is obsolete. In fact we each are responsible to whatever God or gods we hold, and not to those of our fellows that consider themselves our betters.

Giving to men what should belong only to God is surrendering to Satan the gift of free will God has given us. In fact we are free, and possess the miraculous world the physical laws by which it is created and maintained are slowly being grasped to fully enable us to act according to our real nature. Soon we shall be as able as intended, rather than suffer the mediation of our spirits and fortune by malicious parasites that infest institutions like the Church, government, and schools to separate us from God and subject us to their whims.



I watched a really good video the other day where the guy said we're entering a new age- an age of awareness and self-awareness, mostly due to the internet and instant dissemination of information... a great awakening perhaps.


I am confident that we are seeing more than an awakening, but a rebirth; the birth pangs of New Heaven and a New Earth bestir, and travails will follow. What will come after will bring joy beyond our comprehension.

I cannot grasp the breadth and extent of it, but the glimpse I have, as through a glass darkly, is more wonderful than I can describe.


I'm looking forward to it... either in this world or the next!

The Catholic church must allow their priests to marry because there is no teaching in the Bible that prohibits marriage, it is just their church is an antichrist type. @richq11
All their doctrines are anti and are just inventions and allowing members to sin and they don't give a fuck about it. You can see the what is the tree like by way of its fruits.

I think that the Catholic church must allow priests to marry. If they do not, it will be a sign that they really do not care about the abuse that is happening.

I wish I could say this surprises me, but sadly it does Not! We have a larger problem here in the USA with the exact same problem! These pedophiles, where ever found, need to be executed upon conviction. Only a VERY strong response will purge this great evil! IT MUST be purged from our churches, politicians, and land; at ANY COST!

These Evil people must be stopped, and our children protected!