Highway to Hell: The Effect of Music on Popular Culture

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With the advent of the Beatles- Tavistock Institute's first salvo in what would become the cultural war for the soul of America- came another concept, one that would have a profound impact on the youth of American society from that time forward... Cool. For the first time in American history there was an almost overwhelming impetus to be viewed as one of the "in crowd." It could be argued that musicians such as Elvis or Chuck Berry were on the vanguard of the cool movement- it was after the assassination of JFK- the day America lost her innocence- that the cultural displacement from that one despicable act caused America to be changed forever.

Little by little the Tavistock/CIA axis began to disaffect America's youth through music. Along with "cool" and the impetus behind it came another term- pop culture. It didn't take long before Hollywood and the MSM began to pick up on what the Beatles and the hippies that followed and "cool" was thrust into the mainstream. It was difficult at first, the hippies abjured television... it was decidedly "uncool." During the mid to late 60's the hippies were the outside arbiters of what was cool and what was not... they were on the edge. As the movement grew, the mainstream wanted to penetrate that market- the popularity of LSD made the hippies the CIA's perfect social engineering laboratory. However, television was as yet anathema so music became the medium of choice.

At first the music was fairly benign... the Beatles were about peace and love... turn on, tune in, drop out. It was all flowers, peace and love ins. The flip side was the Rolling Stones representing the darker side of the music scene. Things blossomed from there. When the Beatles came out with their Magical Mystery Tour, almost simultaneously the Stones released Their Satanic Majesty's Request... an unusual choice of titles to say the least. By the late 60's the music scene exploded with much of it coming out of the CIA dominated "Laurel Canyon scene," that Dave McGowan did an excellent expose of.

And it worked... young people across America- beginning on the coasts and radiating inward- began to emulate the dress and behavior of these musicians... everybody wanted to be a rock star- it was the cool thing to do. When the Beatles came out in the early part of the decade- Beatlemania took off... Beatle haircuts, the clothing, it all became cool. When the Beatles became hippies, American youth followed suit. Subtly the values began to change as well... this generation's teenager is next generation's voter.

Television picked up on it and the programming began to change. Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best were replaced by Archie Bunker and Sanford and Son. In all of these sitcoms the hip young people were pitted against the stodgy old fogies whose lack of enlightenment became the focus of the shows. Hollywood's value set changed as well... family oriented movies began to be replaced by movies such as Easy Rider where drug use was glorified and American values ridiculed.

As time went on the anti-American and anti-Christian pop culture influence in music and movies became darker and darker. Television, particularly with the advent of cable, followed suit... it was an assault on American values from all fronts. Shows such as Sabrina and Charmed glorified witchcraft. Now there's a show on Fox that glorifies Lucifer. The music industry is now openly Satanic... music videos are full of Satanic and occult imagery. A new video, Animal by Maroon 5 pushes stalking, rape and cannibalism.

This is the culmination of what began some 50 years ago... those behind this are very patient. For example AC/DC began in the early 1970's and it took about 15 years before they became mainstream. Now their music is played during NFL games. AC/DC, one of my favorite bands, brings another interesting aspect to this phenomenon... Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, listened to the Highway to Hell album over and over.
His favorite song- Night Prowler. Did AC/DC cause Ramirez to become a serial killer? No, Satanism did. As a part of pop culture, AC/DC may be guilty of helping to make Satanism cool, but nothing else. It was the overwhelming motivation to be cool- the need for acceptance- that drove Ramirez to kill. Something else worth noting... the concept "cool" as well as "pop culture" are both inventions of Tavistock Institute. They were invented as psychological tools for social engineering.

Tavistock also invented the Beatles and the phenomenon surrounding them. When they first visited New York, teenage girls were rounded up and paid $20 each to scream and carry on- this was NOT an organically inspired event, although it was meant to appear as one. Prior to the "British Invasion" we had the Beach Boys who sang about hot rods, surfing and California girls... themes uniquely American. Elvis, for all of his sexual escapades, was a devout Baptist. When did you ever hear the Beatles mentioning God, except perhaps in a negative connotation- they were atheists.

When JFK was killed America's youth was sent reeling- in search of a new hero. The Beatles and pop culture were manufactured to fill the void and push American youth down a dark pathway toward self-destruction. The need to feel like a part of something has always been one of the strongest human impulses. With the introduction of pop culture the need to be a part of something "cool" was, and still is, the avenue to acceptance. Madison Avenue, using the psychology of Edward Bernays pushed this... If you didn't have the right clothes, drive the right car, have the right haircut, or listen to the right music, you just weren't cool... by the 1970's being cool wasn't just a thing, it was the only thing. The emphasis on "cool" permeated American society. "Uncool" people were ostracized- "square." As few as 20 years earlier nobody cared about being cool, or part of the "in crowd." Now it was virtually impossible to function in society if you weren't... and music was the driving force and young people tend to emulate their cultural icons- who instead of being war heroes like a generation before, were now musicians.

None of this happened organically, it was all be design. The Laurel Canyon music scene of the 1960's that gave us bands such as the Doors, the Byrds and the Grateful Dead were all CIA psyops... all devised by Tavistock/CIA/CFR think tanks that study the psychology of human interactions and were funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the US "Black Budget." The goal- to destroy the fabric of American society/Christian values- that not long ago were synonymous. It's been a long road from "All you need is love" to Maroon 5's Animal...
And it wasn't by mistake.

From the Beatles to the Stones to AC/DC and beyond, this was all part of a design. Look at all of the young Disney stars like Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry...
all following in the footsteps of Madonna.
Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce exhibit bizarre behavior both in and off stage. Their sets are full of Satanic/Occult symbolism- they reflect the values of the people who control them... and young people emulate them. We've come a long way from the seeming innocence of the Beatles- they look tame in light of today's performers. It looks like Their Satanic Majesty's Request has prevailed... there are overt Satanic overtones in most music videos... music that has by design been implemented to mould America's youth. Into what is the question?




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