Foreign military intervention in Venezuela? -The people are dying.

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Source Ipaniza

The days pass in Venezuela in silence and darkness, the odd protest of a few hours are seen in some areas of the country as a result of desperation, 14, 16 and even 30 hours without light. We are living in the dark, we have been censored and our face is tired of giving a battle that seems to have no end.

When they say foreign military intervention? I think about the need for it to exist, for it to become real, we Venezuelans are fighting in the dark against an armed army commanded by thugs, murderers and all those that the government sends to kill.

Days and hours pass, and I see how with the passage of this time, just as in Cuba, despair has become the echo of a people struggling to survive, in a few months we will have nothing, because everything it has been deteriorating, in a few months there will be no medicine to relieve the headache because it is already scarce, when they speak to me of foreign military intervention it does not scare me, I am glad because more fear gives me to see my people die , see how we do not have to fight, we need help, we need guidance and it can not be just ideas against weapons.


Source Ipaniza

I do not want to see Venezuela die, we are falling in despair, in disappointment, and who would not ?, When you see the hours go by doing nothing because there is no electricity, when the days are spent in vain, you lose the advance and the fight is shocked and filled with pain and fatigue. Venezuela needs help, it is dying, it is dying in the streets, in hospitals, in supermarkets where nothing is achieved, there will be a wasteland and only if something is not done about it. We must act together, but we can not alone, we must be one but not only of ideals, the fight is against murderers and they are not going to lower their level of evil to get away or finish leaving once and for all, the hopelessness that they have created in Venezuela and social control is something that has no measure, this country can not die, we can not let it die. We need help.


Source Ipaniza


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