Shouldn't We Be Having A Nuclear Winter?

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An interesting info graphic showing nuclear explosions since 1945, according to "Scientific" consensus in the 1980's we should be experiencing a nuclear winter. Why are nuclear bombs not factored into the new Global Warming Climate Change model? No one even talks about nuclear bombs anymore.

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I'm a little concerned about the purple one over the USA in September of 1976. The only countries to test in September were Russia, with a 160 kilaton explosion and China with an atmospheric explosion.



I felt like that was a radioactive super cloud forming over Nevada, but not to sure.

That video is nothing but blips and beeps!
No really...

Crazy way to record history.
I never knew so much testing was out in the Pacific ocean.


The visual impact is crazy.

An aspect of 'nuclear winter' is the simultaneous impact of many inputs into the climate system. Just as a series of volcanic eruptions can contribute over time what would be a single devastating supervolcanic eruption but fail to cause systemic disruption, so nuclear blasts.



I grew up during the "Nuclear Winter" propaganda campaign and ten years later when I found out the amount of bombs that were tested I was shocked, but yes your right this is not the exact scenario laid out in The Day After

But it's not nothing...


"But it's not nothing..."

You're sure right about that.


Lung cancers doubled every ten years for decades after the tests. There's also been massive propaganda that smoking was the cause.


Doesn't match the data though.

Still, the deaths from a nuclear winter would have been far worse, so we can be grateful to have dodged that bullet - so far.

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