The Beauty of OPEN and HONEST Debate


I believe natures's/God's law except...or when...

When I present the ideas of a truly fee and voluntary society most statists agree with me but for some reason can not let go of their love of country. They revert back to old habits and insinuate that I am being silly for suggesting we do without the forced interactions of government. I'm having a harder and harder time understanding how people can claim to want to be free and ask for the oppression of government at the same time. Here is how I responded this morning. Thoughts?


Let's be free with rulers...

Corey, I agree with most of the ideas you wrote about. We do need to be self-sufficient, we need to have each other's back, we need to live by principles that all to often have disappeared from the mainstream thought process. But, in a world turned upside down where right is now wrong, we also need to be warriors of information. The vast majority of people in this country, in this world, are ignorant. Not because they are unintelligent but because they are uninformed. If we circle around each other and simply want to be left alone we are, in effect, giving evil an easy "win" as we are no longer in the game. We have to participate if we want this country to survive. We need to take back the education system by becoming teachers, the justice system by becoming police officers, lawyers and judges, pop culture by infiltrating hollywood, tv and social media. We have to become the mainstream influencers. There is no easy way to get out of the mess this country is in. Too often we (the majority of citizens) have allowed those with the loudest voices to get their way. We can't be silent anymore, we can't only associate with those who are informed and awake. We have to bring truth and facts back to the uninformed.


My Response to hearing we MUST save this great country

I agree we need to educate. But if you're advocating that I be involved in a non voluntary system I will decline every time. I understand the uncertainty, but the system is designed to win. YOU WILL NOT WIN IF YOU USE THE SYSTEM. Yes the system does allow for minor wins here and there. That is what gives us the illusion that we have a voice within it. Good luck becoming teachers and trying to thwart the system from within. Many people do exactly that when they join law enforcement. Guess what happens? They are either swallowed by the system or they are fired because the system rejects people who use good ethics and logic. That is why I say there is no such thing as a good cop in this modern era. They literally are not allowed to stay if they want to be good people. The system does not allow it. I'm constantly hearing I need to help save our country. What am I saving? Am I proud of the fact that we are constantly at war with other countries on their soil when we have been lied to about the pretenses of getting into these wars that are supposedly to preserve our freedom here at home(as if we are free)? Am I saving the drug wars which are really just a war on people? A war that has the "most free country on earth" having less than 5% of the worlds population but 50% of the worlds incarcerated population. Am I saving the system that enables and advances the corporate ownership of our free will through constantly being tracked by facial recognition software, apps on our phones, etc. to build algorithms that make our decisions for us by presenting what AI knows we already want to hear, buy, or see? Am I saving ALL of the restrictions on our freedom done under the guise of safety that they use to incriminate us for crimes that have no victims(drug war, speeding, blinkers)? Am I saving the fact that in order to be "free" and support my family this country wants me to ask permission to do literally everything that doesn't involve going to the store and buying my food? Am I saving the fact that a medicine that I can grow in my backyard is deemed illegal and I will have force, violence, extortion, and being put in a cage for growing and using it to take care of myself without asking for permission before doing so? Who am I hurting by growing a flower, speeding, not using a turn signal etc.? Lastly am I saving a country that will continue to steal my resources against my will and use them to pay for things I don't agree with or support? All these things I'm told only government can do can also be done through voluntary interactions and much more. We are only given two choices and then they pit the 2 sides against each other as a distraction to the fact that both parties remove my freedom when I have not violated the non aggression principle. So one last time what on earth am I saving and why would I spend any energy saving what I have truthfully laid out above?


Speak with the uninformed that is all we can do. Asking a corrupt system to not be so is an exercise in futility.

Sorry, but one last thing if we are not openly and honestly informing people of how the international banking cartel runs every government associated with the central banking system then what is the point? Without exposing their hold on society, NGO's, corporations, media and governments then talking about saving any single government is pointless. Look at the countries that resist the agenda of the cartel...we(this country, the USA) go to war with them and kill the leaders who dare to do things different.


An unexpected but perfect response IMO

I can tell you and I are going to become great friends. Seriously, no better way to come up with solutions than to debate with another person who comes at a problem from the opposite side of things. Look forward to meeting in person sometime soon to continue the dialog.

Agreed! I would happily meet with you too discuss these very important issues. I have met and debated many people who advocate for all different levels of government. One thing we all agree on in the end is whether one is an anarchist/voluntaryist and prefers the absence of forced interactions or one that prefers governments hand of force be in every little interaction we have if one believes in individual liberty the only way to preserve it is to be heavily involved at the local level in our communities and trying to provide more opportunities for exchange of ideas. You know that whole free speech thing the current Oligarchy is in the process of removing completely.