HEADLINES: Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 - Supreme Courts Votes Against Mandatory Union Fees, RNC Ad on the 'Left' Unhinged, Bitcoin, Supreme Justice Kennedy Retiring, North Korea, Ocasio, Cannabis Legalization, UNCROC, 7 Days for Rosenstein, and More

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Alternative Media - "Right" Leaning

Angela Box: The Liberal Meltdown Is the Greatest Show on Earth
The Hagmann Report
FDA finally approves the USA’s first medicine derived from marijuana – is full decriminalization coming next?
Natural News
Why you need to be armed: Deranged Leftists now calling for mass executions of Trump supporters in public venues
Natural News
Leftists have the HITLER comparisons all backwards: Hitler invaded other nations by violating their borders; Trump wants to STOP the violation of our borders
Natural News
Will 3D printed food become a reality in the future? Scientists want to create an appliance that can turn powdered ingredients into “real” food
Natural News
GOP KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE PARK, Releases Brilliant and Ruthless Ad Against the Democrats (VIDEO)
The Gateway Pundit
DEVELOPING: Peter Strzok Gives Closed-Door Deposition to House Judiciary Committee
The Gateway Pundit
House Approves Resolution Giving Rosenstein 7 Days to Turn Over Requested Trump-Russia Docs or Face Impeachment, Contempt
The Gateway Pundit
WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Have Liberals Become “Domestic Terrorists?”
The Gateway Pundit
Justice Kagan Furious After SCOTUS Deals Major Blow to Unions – Accuses Court’s Conservative Majority of “Weaponizing the First Amendment”
The Gateway Pundit
Cop Hospitalized From Opioid-Laced Flyer Placed On Sheriff Vehicles
"Not On My Watch": Trump Warns Left Over Escalating Confrontations, Tells Voters "Time To Defend Our Principles"
Trump-Putin Summit Set Up, Details To Be Announced Thursday
Musk Says Goldman "In For A Rude Awakening" After Bearish Report
Ford Bets Billions On Detroit Comeback
Supreme Court Rules Against Unions Mandatory Fees: "Big Loss For Coffers Of Democrats"
Leaked Note By Chinese Think Tank Warns Of Potential "Financial Panic"
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Supports Impeaching President Trump
Child Abuse Charity Head Arrested For Attempted Child Rape
The Daily Mall via Infowars
Watch: Trump Talks Supreme Court Decision Busting Public Unions
Trump: Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters Will ‘Make America Weak Again!’
GOP’s Balls Just Dropped: Republicans Release Ad Savaging ‘Unhinged’ Democrat Party
Satellite Imagery Shows North Korea Upgrading Nuclear Reactor
Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’ Countries Account For Only 8% of World’s Muslims
CNS News
New Poll: 72% of Americans Believe Media Deliberately Report Fake News
Shameless Hypocrisy: NBC’s Steve Schmidt Condemns ‘Politics of Incitement’
"Who are they claiming is using hate speech?"

Alternative Media Section II - "Left" Leaning

RNC Targets ‘Unhinged’ Liberals
Political Wire
Kagan: SCOTUS Conservatives Are ‘Weaponizing The First Amendment’
Gorsuch Casts Decisive Vote as Supreme Court Crushes Public Sector Unions
Blum’s Anti-Empire Report: Why do they flee?
The Greanville Post
Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban
GlobalResearch.ca (Canada)
What’s Really Behind Anti-China Protests in Vietnam?
GlobalResearch.ca (Canada)
How a Socialist Latina Millennial Beat a Wall Street Favorite
Venezuela's Arreaza Calls US 'Violator of Rights' Amid Mike Pence Brazil Visit

Legacy Media

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeats House Democrat Joe Crowley in massive upset
CBS News
Supreme Court rules 5-4 against unions in landmark decision
New York Daily News
For Muslim Americans, Supreme Court ruling brings wave of worry
NBC News
Trump Changes Course, Will Use Existing Law To Review Chinese Tech Investments
Antwon Rose Jr. death: East Pittsburgh Officer Michael Rosfeld charged with criminal homicide
CBS News
Melania Trump set to visit more immigration centers after jacket furor
Former Cambridge Analytica employee says "there were more" apps that collected user data
CBS News
Xi tells Mattis China won't give up 'even one inch' of territory

Steem #News

Steemit:Plan to Save the World ! We are Winning !! Q.
Steemit:The Controlled Opposition Mounts: The Attack on VOP
Steemit:Increasing Control to Collect More Taxes as Canada Legalizes Cannabis
Steemit:Let things fix themselves? Everything auto-corrects? No, people make things change.
Steemit:UNCROC: reflection of CPS practices in Canada, UK, Australia
Steemit:Apple’s Steve Wozniak Calls Blockchain a ‘Bubble,’ Thinks Bitcoin Is Still ‘Just Amazing’
Steemit:BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Announces Retirement
Steemit:Winklevoss Twins: Bitcoin Will Hit $100k in 2019 - Here's Why

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The Left's insanity was funny for a while... now it's getting old. Soon, it'll be getting dangerous. They want social unrest before the Nov election, because they know they're getting booted from power. They want full on civil war. They are grasping at what ever shreds of power they can hold on to... mainly instigating aggression and violence from their converts. @ironshield

It's already dangerous

Kind of stupid for them to want civil war considering all the powers they put into place in the last decade for the President if he should need to declare Martial Law.

The power to even suspend elections is there. Pushing for civil war is a potential path to an actual dictator.

EDIT: Then if Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi are examples then they are STUPID so that might explain it.

We're watching the mainstream Dems backtrack on this, since they know this will not really help them in the elections, might actually cause some moderate Dems to vote Republican. Most people want stability, not riots. Most people are happy with the economic results of lifting regulations, etc. It might be trending among the popular elites to say F Trump and make fun of Sarah H and the First Lady, but for every 1 person approving, there are 12 people shaking their heads, just waiting for election day. The silent majority is about to whisper a very very loud whisper. "Drain the swamp." @ironshield