HEADLINES: Monday, October 8th, 2018 - Post Kavanaugh Confirmation, NAFTA 2018, Redacting to Protect Hillary and DNC, Brazillian Elections, Wikileaks, Solar Activity, Ron Paul, Argentina, Identity Politics, and More

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Alternative Media - "Right" Leaning

Grauniad: “The easy way to cut emissions – closing coal power stations – is exhausted”… AEUHHH???? US coal exports to Asia are booming!
Watts Up With That
Aussie PM Willing to Consider Nuclear, to Reduce Australia’s Green Electricity Prices
Watts Up With That
The new IPCC SR15 climate report is out
Watts Up With That
Josh: The New IPCC report is a work of art
Watts Up With That
BOMBSHELL: audit of global warming data finds it riddled with errors
Watts Up With That
May should set her sights on the crony capitalists
Who’ll have the guts to ban cars from our cities?
Could America’s Democrats be ‘Corbynised’?
Trauma and Truth
City Journal
Look Until You Find
City Journal
Phase One Complete In Shifting American Education To WorkForce Prep
Freedom Outpost
CDC Urging Americans to Get Flu Shot—After Admitting The Last Vaccine Was Only 36% Effective
Freedom Outpost
Stephen Colbert “Late Show” Writer Ariel Dumas: “I’m Just Glad We Ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s Life”
Freedom Outpost
Is Ron Paul About To Be Proven Right... Again? A 50% Market Decline & No Way To Stop It
Freedom Outpost
NAFTA 2018: Free Trade or Central Planning?
Freedom Outpost
Reporter fired for wearing MAGA hat while covering Trump rally
The Hagmann Report
Vice News D.C. Chief Admits There Were ‘Paid’ Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters
The Hagmann Report
Yummy superfoods that even beginner gardeners can plant today
Natural News
REAL collusion: Democrat lawyers met with FBI to share notes on Russia allegations before FISA warrant was issued
Natural News
Science journals publish intentionally stupid liberal propaganda studies claiming men should anally self-penetrate to “increase feminist values”
Natural News
The Kavanaugh Effect: Here’s what happens NEXT (and why you should get ready)
Natural News
Deep State FBI and DOJ Caught Redacting Key Intel Documents that Implicate Hillary and DNC – Have Nothing to do with National Security!
The Gateway Pundit
BOOM! President Trump: Brett Kavanaugh “Did Nothing Wrong… Was Caught Up in a Hoax… It Was All Made Up” (VIDEO)
The Gateway Pundit
Texas Man Stands Up to Liberal Media Lies – Sets Record Straight on Russia Collusion Hoax
The Gateway Pundit
Nazi Jews? “Jews in the AfD” Caucus Launched in Wiesbaden, Germany
The Gateway Pundit
Update: Doxxer Jackson Cosko Who Leaked Personal Info of GOP Lawmakers Online Is Being Paid by Outside Liberal Group
The Gateway Pundit
Video: Antifa Thugs Block Roads, Direct Traffic, Threaten People Who Don’t Obey
Angry Democrats Vow "Day Of Reckoning Coming For Republicans"
Trump And Rosenstein To Face Off At 30,000 Feet As Meeting Moved To Air Force One
Michael Is Now A Hurricane, Will Continue To Strengthen As It Approaches Florida Panhandle
Is The U.S. Using Force To Sell Its LNG To The World?
"Disappeared" Interpol Chief Abruptly Resigns After Wife Reveals Chilling Text Message
Google Design Lead David Hogue: ‘Evil’ Republicans Will ‘Descend into Flames’ of Hell
Trump: No Current Plans to Fire Rosenstein
Video: Clueless Leftists Struggle to Explain Why They Oppose Kavanaugh
Rare, Polio-Like Disorder Affecting Children On Rise, CDC Says
Brazil’s “Donald Trump” Wins ‘Overwhelming Support’ In First-Round Presidential Vote
UFC Fighter Gives 'Shout Out' to 'Homie' Kavanaugh After TKO Win
Collins: 'I Do Not Believe That Brett Kavanaugh Will Overturn Roe v. Wade'
CNS News
Mark Shields Insists: 'The Time for Protest...and Shrieking Is Over'

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Alternative Media Section II - "Left" Leaning

Trump Does Not Plan to Fire Rosenstein
Political Wire
Trump: Kavanaugh ‘Hoax Set Up By Dems’ Will Cost Them In The Midterms
Talking Point Memo
Pelosi Files Request For All Records Of FBI Kavanaugh Interviews
Talking Points Memo
Blasey Ford Lawyers: She’s ‘Horrified’ At Trump’s Mockery, Receiving ‘Unending’ Threats
Talking Points Memo
What the “Grievance Studies” Hoax Actually Reveals
Gadgets Don’t Look Like Gadgets Anymore
Who Doesn’t Love Identity Politics?
The Greanville Post
The US military’s vision for state censorship
The Greanville Post
High Crimes and Misdemeanours of Kavanaugh and the Senate-Trump Faction. Step-by-step Overthrow of the Rule of Law
GlobalResearch.ca (Canada)
Fun at the United Nations and in Congress: Israel Wins the Comedy Competition
GlobalResearch.ca (Canada)
Homeless America
Brazil Elections: Leftist PT Biggest Party in Lower House, Bolsonaro's PSL Expands

Legacy Media

New justice on the bench: Kavanaugh's first Supreme Court cases
NBC News
Victim texted limo was in 'terrible condition' minutes before crash killed 20 in New York
USA Today
Terrifying climate change warning: 12 years until we’re doomed
New York Post (Still waiting on previous predictions that didn't happen. If we blanket the countries in 5G though it might be possible without it being climate related. Millimeter wavelengths are potentially very dangerous.)
Hurricane Michael Forecast to Intensify and Bring a Dangerous Threat of Storm Surge, Damaging Winds to Florida's Panhandle
Trump touts "stop and frisk" in speech to police group in Orlando — live updates
CBS News
Hillary, Bill Clinton to go on tour this year
Former first daughter Barbara Bush got married and only invited 20 family members
ABC News
Trump’s Columbus Day Statement Again Fails To Mention Suffering Of Native Americans
Huffington Post

Steem #News

Steemit:The synchronization of Science, Philosophy and Theology.
Steemit:Columbus Day in the Americas - Who owns the Spirit of Exploration?
Steemit:California's New Law Governing "Transgender" Children In Foster Care
Steemit:What's Happening In Argentina?
Steemit:NH Libertarian Party Candidates Excluded from WMUR’s Debates via Insurmountable Rules?
Steemit:CENSORED (AGAIN) BY FACEBOOK FOR SHARING A STEEMIT LINK -> Mother Jailed in USA for Non Vaccination Of Child.
Steemit:WIKILEAKS | Quest Of Random Clues [SOLVED]
Steemit:SPACE NEWS - Solar Storm, Another Volcano, Space Energy | S0 News Oct.8.2018

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