HEADLINES: Monday, June 25th, 2018 - The Not So "United" States, "Allahu Akbar" on the Croatian Border, 30 Years of Global Warming Predictions Missed, The Silent Majority, War of Words, AI on the Blockchain, Gerrymandering, and More

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Alternative Media - "Right" Leaning

Insurrection is here, how long now until civil war v2.0 starts?
The Hagmann Report
Even low-level exposure to pesticides increases your risk of Parkinson’s
Natural News
Founder of Virtual Reality warns we should all DELETE all social media accounts to avoid “mass human behavioral engineering”
Natural News
Health Ranger Emergency Broadcast: Leftists attempting to incite civil war “spark” of bloodshed
Natural News
BOMBSHELL: Government limits on chemicals in the water supply found TOO HIGH; toxins impact human health at far lower levels
Natural News
Oregon Schools Now Offer THIRD GENDER Option To Students
The Gateway Pundit
Obama Held ‘Russia Meetings’ in the White House and Invited John Kerry but Not NSA’s Honorable Admiral Rogers
The Gateway Pundit
Rep. Maxine Waters Could Face Five Years in Prison for Inciting a Riot
The Gateway Pundit
EXCLUSIVE: Diamond and Silk Talk ‘Dummycrats’ – Their First Movie Production will Expose ‘The Real Party of the KKK’ (VIDEO)
The Gateway Pundit
Historian Links Current Political Environment to Pre-Civil War
"No More Turning The Other Cheek": Chinese President Vows He'll Strike Back At The U.S.
"By Securing The Border, Trump Is Threatening Money-Flow For Lots Of Connected Interests"
Trump Slams "Filthy" Restaurant Which Kicked Out Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Martin Armstrong: 30 Years Of Global Warming Forecasts Have All Failed
Nolte: Border Hysteria Delivers Disastrous Week for Establishment Media
WATCH: Hundreds of Migrants Storm Croatian Border Shouting “Allahu Akbar”
Infowars Europe
North Korea Reportedly Cancels Annual Anti-U.S. Rally
America Is Now In A Civil War
Now Even Ice Cream is Racist
Stunned NY Times: 'Numb to Outrage,' Trump's GOP Approval Has Grown

Alternative Media Section II - "Left" Leaning

Mueller Obtains Erik Prince’s Phone and Computer
Political Wire
Restaurant That Trump Called ‘Filthy’ Actually Has A Glowing Health Record
Junot Díaz and the Problem of the Male Self-Pardon
Does the US Military “Own the Weather”? “Weaponizing the Weather” as an Instrument of Modern Warfare?
GlobalResearch.ca (Canada)
The Soldier’s Tale
Venezuela Slams EU Meddling After Sanctions on Gov't Officials
Prosecutors Accuse Trump Org Of Foot-Dragging In Michael Cohen Case
Neil Gorsuch Declares War on the Voting Rights Act

Legacy Media

Trump slams restaurant that booted Sarah Sanders as 'filthy,' despite absence of health violations
ABC News
Trump really does not want to give unauthorized immigrants seeking asylum due process
Supreme Court allows most disputed maps in Texas, NC gerrymandering cases to be used
Maxine Waters Warns Trump Cabinet: Steel Yourself For More Public Confrontations
Huffington Post
California wildfires force authorities to order thousands to evacuate
CBS News
Trump urges turning away immigrants, Congress struggles
Inside the gang suspected in Bronx teen’s grisly murder
New York Post
Turkey enters new era with same man in charge after Erdogan election triumph
NBC News

Steem #News

Steemit:Silent Majority is Alive and Well!
Steemit:Summoning a Demon: AI- Technology Run Amok
Steemit:A War of words / word play/ we need investigative journalism.
Steemit:Ignorance and happiness
Steemit:CPS is muuuuch worse than pirates
Steemit:Robert Kiyosaki - The BUBBLE Will Burst! - How You Can Protect Yourself
Steemit:KICKED OUT of the Roller Derby! Pikes Peak Derby Dames....U SUCK!
Steemit:A.I on The Blockchain: Next Stage In ELIMINATING Government!

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Curated for #informationwar (by @openparadigm)
Relevance: News Aggregation And Comparison Of Bias
Our Purpose

Curated for #informationwar (by @openparadigm)
Relevance: News Aggregation And Comparison Of Bias
Our Purpose

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