Tesla Tower in Milford, Texas...YEP...THAT TOWER...replicated and fully functional.

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Those of you who may (like me) be interested in alternative energy stories, lore, and also legitimate history may be fascinated to know that a Tesla Tower went up a year-and-a-half ago in a very small Texas farming town known as Milford, Texas.

Here is a video about the story:

This Viziv Technologies behind this tower needs to be fully checked out. It would be very interesting to know who is behind this effort. Here is the "about us" statement from their website:

"Our Company

Viziv Technologies is the culmination of over four decades of research in the field of Electromagnetic Surface Waves. We have assembled an experienced team from academia, industry, and government to take this revolutionary science from laboratory to industry. These men and women have joined together under one calling… POWER THE PLANET AND BRING LIGHT TO THE WORLD

Viziv’s mission is the commercialization of the Zenneck surface wave in all of its various product applications. From communications to energy to sensing, Viziv’s technological advances are opening doors to a new era in science and engineering. We have assembled a world-class team, leveraging a series of valuable strategic partnerships to develop this exciting scientific breakthrough into commercial reality.


Viziv Technologies represents the innovative spirit at its best. Our technology will produce jobs, economic growth, and scientific expansion for decades to come; a true force for good in the world. We are inspired by the potential for our work and the work of our partners to vastly improve living conditions around the globe."

WHOA!! Those are some pretty powerful claims. ..." POWER THE PLANET AND BRING LIGHT TO THE WORLD." Really? If it is going to truly be used for the public weal (after decades of similar efforts being torpedoed by the military/industrial complex) all well and good, but....Where is the EPA? Where are the power companies that put Dennis Lee (and other purveyors of free electricity) and others in jail for presenting a threat to their energy hegemony?

This is (again from the company website) the guy behind the project:

"Michael W. Miller
Brigadier General (Retired), USAF
CEO and President,
Viziv Technologies, LLC

General Miller is the CEO and President of Viziv Technologies, LLC. Viziv Technologies is the owner of multiple patents related to a scientific breakthrough in energy transfer, communications, and transportation. General Miller earned a Ph.D. in Management from Walden University (2011), a Masters in Strategic Studies from the Air University, an MBA from the University of North Dakota and a Bachelors in Political Science from the University of New Orleans. Miller also attended the 2010 CAPSTONE General/Flag Officer Course, National Defense University, Fort McNair, Washington, DC and is a 2003 Fellow, Seminar XXI, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

General Miller retired from the Air Force after 28 years of military service. The first 6 years of his career he was an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launch Officer and spent the remaining 22 years in the healthcare administration arena. He directed strategic planning for a global organization of 40,000 personnel with an annual budget of almost $6 billion. General Miller was an Air Force Corporate Board Member where he helped develop funding strategies for AF mission and personnel capabilities to meet war fighting requirements and developed recommendations for the Air Force Secretary and Chief of Staff for the $150 billion annual budget. His career culminated as the Assistant Surgeon General, Strategic Medical Plans, Programs and Budget and Chief, Medical Service Corps. He is an inventor, experienced conference speaker, educator and problem-solver."

(Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, Shoreham, NY.)

Military...huh? Any DARPA money going into this General Miller? Two Generals and an ex-Rockefeller (Chevron) minion among the principles. Hmmmm....

Used for benefiting the people, General? Really?

OK..we'll take your word for it for now.


P.S. For those interested in the company's technical explanations of the project, you can view them here:



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Thanks, wakeupnd!

Well, it's been around for well over 100 years, but they STOPPED Tesla from completing HIS work on it. I am curious why, now, these guys are being allowed to pick it up again. 1. WHY?...and. 2. WHY NOW??

Yea, military connection was no surprise to see

Right. In fact, I would've been surprised had that not been the case. I wonder if this is the next wave of government-coddled MASSIVE TECH startups...?

& Maybe we’ll get a new Elon type character to put all our faith into & save the day! Billionaires are our friends of course 👍

Elon's on the board of this company...hint, hint...

😂😂😂😂 of course he is

I checked, and didn't see him amongst the board members.

You're right. Not sure where I was getting that.

He does, apparently, have his hand in this same technology, though:


LoL.. riiiiiight..

Truthstreemmedia did a great piece on this on YouTube.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes, I also thought it was quite good.

I saw a yputube video about this by truthstreammedia just the other day! Crazy stuff going on for sure.. Its kind of scary wht this technology can achieve, especially in the wrong hands.. like people who crave power and control, like the government!
I wish they would only use these inventions for good and helping people, not as weapons.. Think where the world could've been today if tesla completed his vision!

Right on. Of course, these people seem to be suggesting that their intentions are benevolent. We will see....

True, but do they ever say that they want to use things for nefarious acts? LoL.

Don't get me wrong, I do hope they use it to help change the world for the better! This is an invention that could really improve humanity and thats what Tesla wanted to do with it.

Right. I agree.

Greed usually takes over and ruins the best of original intentions.

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