More Proof America's Court System is an ENEMY of THE REPUBLIC (and a friend of CPS and global tyranny.)

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I've mentioned the fate of this poor Texas family before, but their case is EXHIBIT A as to why we must disband CPS and the liberal nanny-state ideology that stands behind so-called "child protective" "services." This is a "medical kidnapping" case, sort of...but it's even worse than that. In some of the "medical kidnapping" cases we've all heard about, at least a twisted and illegitimate argument can be made that the parents were being recalcitrant in the care of their child(ren), and/or ignoring solid medical advice.

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In this case, you will never find even the remotest shred of evidence that such an argument can be built, and/or that legitimate medical advice was ignored. In fact, the parents wanted to do MORE, medically, for their child, and the medical "professionals" are the ones clearly being recalcitrant, even negligent.

Even so, the courts are still backing up the "pros," and even at the Appeals Court level (where many of the worst CPS decisions have at least been questioned, if not revised or critiqued) the family is being told that "over care" is going to keep their child in state custody.

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Here is the latest link updating this family's sad and ludicrous plight:

Here is a key excerpt from the link above:

"'The Fifth Court of Appeals disregarded the Pardos' request for intervention without giving any explanation for their decision,' Jeremy Newman, director of public policy for the Texas Home School Coalition, told The Christian Post in a statement. 'This demonstrates the problem that we have seen for years: the lower courts simply do not give enough respect to the constitutional right of Texas families to raise their children.' ...

The mother was accused of 'exaggerating and lying about [her son’s] symptoms and conditions' and 'demanding an unnecessary surgical procedure to place a [gastrostomy tube].' Pardo is also accused of switching doctors when she doesn’t agree with their assessment.

Newman previously told CP that the DFPS cited the family’s failure to attend a June 10 meeting with Dr. Suzanne Dakil as part of its reason for removing the child as well as an ensuing affidavit from Dakil. Dakil initially voiced concerns to CPS because she wanted the child to be evaluated to determine if the parents were actually seeking unneeded medical attention."

The term "Munchausen" was never mentioned, but even if it had been, there is NOTHING in any law anywhere--even in the twisted and insane CPS milieu--that says such a "diagnosis" would ever be a valid reason for seizing a child. Wanting your child to have more medical attention than the "pros" suggest is NOT dangerous to a child, as it is those "pros" who, in the end, would decide to actually deliver such requested care, or not. AND...the Pardos never went anywhere near trying to "force" (however that could even be possible) medical people to do anything.

THEY JUST DIDN'T WANT THEIR CHILD'S CONDITION IGNORED...i.e. they were GOOD and CAREFUL, RESOURCEFUL and CONCERNED parents....i.e. just the type that every child should want, but that CPS seems to loathe and fear.

This case will soon be before the Texas Supreme Court. Please pray for this family, that justice and sanity will prevail.

Sadly, it seems the only place where this level of INSANITY exists is within government. When the government gets to be so out of touch with average community values and beliefs that they support seizing children because parents are too good and careful, society is in deep, deep trouble.

Pray that sanity prevails. If it doesn't, only civil war can correct the level of official insanity now on regular display before us.

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